Farm Products Council of Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Aline Ingabire Administrative Assistant 613-759-1555
Bill Edwardson Senior Advisor 613-759-1592
Céline Tremblay Executive Assistant 613-759-1560
Chantal Turcotte Governance Officer 613-759-1126
Chantal Lafontaine Web and Publication Officer 613-759-1742
Dominique Levesque Administrative Officer 613-759-1555
Fraser McKenzie Contractor 613-759-1555
Hélène Devost Manager - Policy Analysis 613-759-1589
Joanne Forget-Chayko Compliance Officer 613-759-1841
Laurent Pellerin Chairman 613-759-1265
Lise Leduc Team Leader 613-759-1732
Lise Turcotte Regulatory Affairs Officer 613-759-1968
Louise Cantin Administrative Assistant 613-759-1555
Maguessa Morel-Laforce Policy Analyst 613-759-1739
Marc Chamaillard Director 613-759-1706
Mélanie Pruneau Administrative Officer 613-759-1761
Mike Iwaskow Statistical Officer 613-759-1639
Nancy Fournier Manager - Coordination and Liaison 613-759-1603
Nathalie Vanasse Director 613-759-1562
Pierre Bigras Manager - Regulatory Affairs 613-759-1712
Reg Milne Senior Advisor 613-759-1586
Steve Welsh Senior Advisor 613-759-1479
Thomas Bergbusch Policy Analyst 613-759-1612