Federal Court


Name Title Telephone Number
Aline Grenier Judicial Coordinator 613-947-2491
Amanda Montague-Reinholdt Law clerk 613-996-0508
Amélie Begin Judicial Assistant 613-947-4654
Andrea Climo Administrative Officer 613-943-4785
Andrée-Anne martel Law clerk 613-992-9360
Andrew Baumberg Executive Officer to the Chief Justice 613-947-3177
Ariane Mallette Law clerk 613-947-1712
Ashley Barnes Law clerk 613-947-2173
Ashley Cochran Law clerk 613-995-8658
Ashley Shaffer Law clerk 613-947-3097
Bassam Azzi Law clerk 613-947-2197
Bryana Jensen law clerk 613-947-3100
Caroline Perrier Hearings Coordinator 613-943-5300
Catherine Romeo Judicial Assistant 613-943-5898
Chantal Leonhardt Manager, Judicial Assistants, Federal Court 613-944-1901
Cheryl Burnett Judicial Assistant 613-943-1041
Christine Gagnon Judicial Assistant 613-943-9259
Claudette Friesen Judicial Assistant 613-943-2345
Corinne Mecco Judicial Assistant 416-952-8442
Daniel Johnson Law clerk 613-992-8820
David Peltier Law clerk 613-947-2188
Debra Evans Law Clerk 613-947-7871
Emilie Charron (!) Judicial Assistant 613-943-2204
Emma Lambert Law clerk 613-947-2185
Erin Collins Law clerk 613-995-5389
Gabrielle White Law clerk 613-995-5388
Ginette Diotte Judicial Assistant 613-995-1250
Giovanna Calamo Judicial Administrator 613-995-0108
Gisèle Mineault Judicial Assistant 613-995-1276
Hazel Massay Judicial Assistant 613-947-9136
Jamie Baxter Law clerk 613-992-9500
Jane Jago Judicial Assistant 613-943-1450
Jarolim Mazzola Law clerk 613-947-2189
Johanne Trudel Judicial Assistant 613-995-1265
John Devlin Law Clerk 613-992-8524
Jordan St-Pierre Administrative Hearings Assistant 613-995-0108
Julie Rochon Judicial Assistant 613-995-5210
Julie Cousineau Judicial Assistant 613-995-1235
Justin Dubois law clerk 613-992-2837
Kang Lee Law clerk 613-943-0355
Kelly Mcmillan Law clerk 613-947-3095
Kim De La Durantaye Judicial Assistant 613-943-1143
Kyle Lamothe Law clerk 613-947-3836
Linda Gaudreau Judicial Assistant 613-947-2487
Lindsay Trevelyan Law clerk 613-992-9917
Line Clément Judicial Assistant 613-995-1378
Lise Henrie Executive Director and General Counsel 613-943-5484
Lori-Anne Godin Judicial Assistant 613-947-2516
Louise-Emilie Leroux Hearings Coordinator 613-995-0108
Luna-Martine Jean Law clerk 613-947-3099