Federal Court of Appeal


Name Title Telephone Number
Amélie Lavictoire Senior Legal Counsel and Director of Law Clerk Program 613-995-5459
amy-Jo Scherman Law Clerk 613-996-4071
Ayse Gauthier Law Clerk 613-944-4730
Brigitte Allard Judicial Assistant 613-995-7611
Chantal Renaud Judicial Assistant 613-947-0185
Chantal Quinty Hearing Officer 613-995-5096
Debbie Dennis Judicial Assistant 613-995-4613
Gabriel Querry Law Clerk 613-947-9489
Heather Simon Judicial Assistant 613-947-7420
Isabelle Côté Law Clerk 613-943-5900
jason Harrington Law Clerk 613-996-3961
Jennifer Inskip Judicial Assistant 613-992-8174
Karen Allen Judicial Assistant 613-995-7611
Kathrin Furniss Law Clerk 613-947-0057
Kim DeLaDurantaye Judicial Assistant 613-943-1143
Laurence Brunet-Baldwin Law Clerk 613-992-9296
Lise Normand Executive Assistant 613-947-1181
Luce Filion (!) Judicial Assistant 613-944-2203
Marisa Monnin Law Clerk 613-996-4072
Max Reed Law Clerk 613-992-9287
Micheline Leclerc Judicial Assistant 613-947-1183
Phillipe Boisvert Law Clerk 613-992-9298
Rachel Hinton Law Clerk 613-947-1641
Sandra Wood Judicial Assistant 613-947-4168
Sheila Mehvari Judicial Assistant 613-947-4664
Stephane Laviolette Senior Court Attendant/Chauffeur 613-947-5708
Suzelle Bazinet Judicial Administrator 613-995-5117
Tim Barrett Law Clerk 613-944-4729