Financial Consumer Agency of Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Adele Hession Marketing Officer - Financial Literacy Marketing & Communications 613-954-6302
Adriana DiRienzo Senior Compliance Officer, Supervision and Enforcement 613-941-4220
Alex Bégin Application and Development Support Officer 613-941-3998
Amine Haffaf (!) Business Intelligence Analyst 613-941-3910
André Gilbert Director, IM/IT Division 613-960-4622
André-Marc Allain Director 613-941-4770
Andrew Kergin Compliance Officer - Supervision and Enforcement 613-960-4681
Ann-Marie Epps Senior Consumer Service Representative 866-461-3222
Brigitte Goulard Deputy Commissioner 613-941-4300
Bruce MacAllister (!) Marketing Officer 613-941-4246
Bruno Levesque Director 613-954-0274
Carolle Beaubien Administrative Assistant 613-941-1454
Charles Gibney Research and Policy Officer, Policy and Promotion 613-960-4604
Charles Skelton Compliance Officer - Supervision and Enforcement 613-960-3357
Chris Laquerre (!) Consumer Education Officer 613-941-1453
Christian Vachon Support Officer, Partnership and Stakeholder Engagement 613-941-8982
Claudine Rubenstein Corporate Planning, Financial and Risk Management Officer 613-960-4634
Daniel Dufour Junior Outreach Marketing Officer - Corporate Marketing & Communications 613-960-4608
Darren Brothers Consumer Education Officer 613-960-4676
David Merriby (!) Special Advisor and Legal Counsel 613-369-3314
Dimitra Xerakias (!) Officer, Financial Literacy Program 613-960-4672
Dominic Grenier Senior Compliance Officer, Supervision and Enforcement 613-946-5833
Doris George (!) Administrative Assistant 613-941-4332
Doris George (!) Executive Assistant 613-941-4332
Ekaterina Ohandjanian Senior Legal Counsel 613-941-1425
Elizabeth La Forest Senior Writer - English 613-948-3633
Émilie Brassard-Duperré Social Media Strategist - Corporate Marketing & Communications 613-960-3809
Émilie René Manager, Partnership and Stakeholder Engagement 613-941-3975
Emma Osgoode Communications Officer - Corporate Marketing & Communications 613-960-4709
Eric Dickson Manager 613-946-5921
Evan Marr (!) Student - Corporate Services 613-960-3359
France Séguin Marketing Officer Financial Literacy Marketing & Communications 613-960-8901
François Baril-Girard (!) IT Junior Support Officer 613-960-4618
Frederick Hemer Consumer Service Representative 866-461-3222
Geneviève Clermont (!) Senior Compliance Officer 613-948-6043
Guy Gélinas-Bourgoin Administrative Assistant 613-941-4211
Huong Dang Finance Support Officer 613-960-4605
Imad Douba Senior Information Technology Administrator 613-941-1435
Isabel Jenish (!) Communications Officer Financial Literacy Marketing & Communications 613-960-4709
Jacqueline Leclair Administrative Assistant 613-960-4664
Jane Rooney Financial Literacy Leader 613-941-1528
Jenna Wilson Business Intelligence Analyst 613-960-3810
Jeremie Ryan Director 613-957-7864
Jessica Lalonde Compliance Coordinator, Compliance and Promotion 613-954-0263
Julie Canuel Consumer Education Officer 613-941-4246
Julie Hauser Officer, Partnership and Stakeholder Engagement 613-954-1926
Karen Morgan Senior Compliance Officer, Policy and Promotion 613-941-9063
Karina Elias Research and Policy Assistant, Policy and Promotion 613-941-1526
Karyna Zielinski Electronic Communications and Publications Strategist - Corporate Marketing & Communications 613-960-3808
Kassia Kloosterman Financial Literacy Program Officer 613-941-9073