Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Barry MacKillop Deputy Director, Operations 613-947-6859
Daniel Lambert Assistant Director, Intelligence Sector 613-943-2194
Darren Gibb (!) Manager, Communications 613-943-4419
Donna Achimov Deputy Director and Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Management Services Sector 613-943-2380
Gérald Cossette (!) Director 613-995-9063
Joane Leroux Assistant Director, Compliance Sector 613-947-1750
Karen Figuerola Assistant Director, People and Culture 613-992-4413
Luc Beaudry Assistant Director, Collaboration, Development and Research 613-947-3077
Monique Paquin (!) Deputy Director, Corporate Management Sector 613-947-3699
Nada Semaan Director and Chief Executive Officer 613-995-9063
Rachel Porteous Chief Information Officer (CIO), IM/IT 613-943-3357
Tony Yaacoub (!) CIO, IM/IT 613-943-3357