Library and Archives Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron Gideon (!)
Abdelilah Abouelfoutouh Team Lead, Applications Design Services 613-218-9792
Abdou Ait-Hammou Business Relationship Management 613-863-4694
Adam Lavoie Collections Clerk 204-594-8079
Agapo Néron-Cloutier (!) Procurement and Materiel Management Officer 613-404-1448
Aimie Turcotte Paintings Conservator 613-853-1390
Aisling Yeoman Intern
Alain Lamarche Client Imaging Serivces 613-852-3526
Alain Leroux Records control officer 613-795-8521
Alain Roy Policy Advisor 613-608-8610
Alain Fluet Manager - Business Systems Development 613-294-9431
Alain Berniquez Mailroom clerk 819-934-7538
Alan Rodger Cataloguing Librarian 613-302-3080
Alan Currie Public Event Coordinator 819-420-0322
Alana Coffey Photographic Archivist
Alda Saizonou (!) Project Manager 613-793-9452
Alda Saïzonou Acting Project Manager 613-793-9452
Alex Hakonson Photographic Archivist 613-291-7188
Alexander Comber Archivist - Military Archives 613-793-7498
Alexander Walshe-Nelson (!)
Alexandra Haggert A/Project Manager 819-639-5592
Alexandra Clemence
Alexandra McEwen Reference Archivist 613-995-1312
Alexandra Clemence Reference Librarian 613-995-9227
Alexandre Geoffrion Manager 613-219-5280
Alexandre Camiré Collection Management Coordinator 613-404-8197
Alexandre LeVasseur Data Control Clerk
Alexis Poulin Thomas Analyst 613-404-3326
Alfred Deschênes Gatineau Circulation supervisor 613-808-3625
Aline Lea Consultation Clerk 0-000-000-0000
Alisa Lazear (!) Junior Analyst
Alisa Thompson A/Supervisor, Special Projects 204-396-2729
Alison Bullock Director, Acquisition 613-292-4871
Alison Harding-Hlady Team Leader, Special Collections 613-301-0580
Alison Pier Reference Librarian 613-943-8846
Allan Campbell collections clerk 613-992-3553
Allan Wilson Senior Accesion Clerk 613-948-3631
Allison Dowler Acquisitions Technician 613-769-8562
Alyssa Currie (!)
Amanda McKenzie (!) 902-426-4031
Amanda Livingstone-Ehrlich (!) Strategic Research Analyst 613-617-8036
Amanda Graham Cataloguing Librarian 613-614-9947
Amélie Thauvette Acquisitions Technician 613-979-9072
Amina Musa Archivist 613-462-6744
Amir Koopaei 613-960-9268
Amy Ismail (!) Project Assistant 613-668-9719
Amy Bruce (!)
Amy Tector Manager, Online Content and Copyright 613-797-6426
Andre Larivière Motion Picture Conservator 613-404-8011
André Plouffe Triage and File Ordering 613-947-8473