Military Grievances External Review Committee


Name Title Telephone Number
Alain Thibault Senior Grievance Officer 613-995-5040
Alan Rigby (!) Senior Grievance Officer 613-995-8067
Allan Fenske (!) Part-Time Committee Member 613-996-4985
Andrée-Anne Paquette (!) Registrar 613-995-5126
Ann Stuurman Senior Grievance Officer 613-995-5157
Ann Boivin Acting Director General, Operations and General Counsel 613-995-5599
Anne Joanisse Director, Human Resources Services 613-408-2679
Bruno Hamel (!) Chairperson 613-996-6453
Carl Joudrey (!) Senior Grievance Officer 613-995-5196
Carol Pereira (!) Assistant to the Registrar 613-995-5061
Caroline Maynard (!) Acting Chairperson 613-995-5552
Chione Robinson Legal Counsel 613-995-7928
Christine Guérette Chairperson 613-220-9735
Daniel Vaillant Senior Finance Clerk 613-406-8614
Denis Brazeau (!) Part-Time Vice-Chairperson 613-996-4998
Dominic McAlea Full-Time Vice-Chairperson 613-996-8628
Donald Cooper (!) Senior Grievance Officer 613-995-7986
Donna Doyle Senior Grievance Officer 613-995-7996
Elena Palframan (!) Financial Analyst 613-995-7343
Élise Côté Senior Grievance Officer 613-995-8067
Eric Mallet Assistant to Registrar 613-995-5237
Eric Gareau Financial Officer 613-406-9287
Eric Strong Part-Time Member 613-000-0000
Éric Racine Manager, Information Management and Information Technology Services 613-816-0240
Fides Ayuste Information Management Specialist 613-406-1364
François Malo Part-Time Vice-Chairperson 613-995-7924
Holly Peel ATIP Officer
Ingrid Eldring IT Support Analyst 613-000-0000
Isabelle Jean Senior Grievance Officer 613-995-7996
Iulia Popa (!) Communications Advisor 613-995-8126
Iulia Pescarus Popa (!) Strategic Communications Advisor 613-995-8126
Jason Tree (!) Senior Grievance Officer 613-995-5157
Jean-François Poirier Director General, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer 613-406-4493
Jean-Marc Béliveau Team Leader, Operations 613-995-7935
Jennifer Larabie Edgar Manager, Strategic Planning and Security Services 613-404-9326
Johanne Marier (!) Senior Human Resources Advisor 613-995-7713
Julie Careau (!) Assistant Director, Financial and Administration Services 613-992-7591
Julie Plourde Director, Financial and Administration Services 613-296-8884
Kaylah St-Pierre Procurement and Administration Officer 613-853-7166
Lyne Bisaillon (!) Business Systems Analyst 613-992-7615
Marc Pérusse Senior Grievance Officer 613-995-8148
Marc Labrosse IT Infrastructure Architect 613-697-2026
Marilyn Beaton Senior Grievance Officer 613-995-5130
Mia Frederiksen (!) Senior Human Resources Assistant 613-995-8207
Michael MacPherson Team Leader, Operations 613-996-6459
Michel Godin Team Leader, Operations 613-995-5006
Michel Chauvette (!) Senior Grievance Officer 613-995-8148
Nadine Jelowicki Senior Grievance Officer 613-995-8007
Najwa Asmar Director, Communication Services 613-408-5481
Natasha Després Senior HR Officer 613-408-6870