Military Police Complaints Commission


Name Title Telephone Number
Alice El Hajjar (!) Receptionist 613-947-5625
Alice Hajjar (!) Receptionist 613-947-5625
Alice De Castro Rita (!) Receptionist 613-947-5625
Cam Dam Information Technology Officer 613-995-6832
Cathia Landry Accounting & Procurement Officer 613-995-7558
Chantal Bessette-Drouin Chief Financial Services 613-947-9976
Christiane Bossé Legal Counsel 613-947-9975
David Goetz Senior Counsel 613-947-5633
Elsy Chakkalakal Acting Chief of Staff 613-947-5704
Emily Gauthier Registry Officer 613-943-5578
Geneviève Coutlée Legal Counsel 613-947-8320
Ghislaine Cyr Assistant to the Chairperson 613-947-5684
Guy Bélanger Information Technology Specialist 613-995-5713
Hanan Rahal Senior Registry Officer 613-943-5584
Hilary McCormack Chairperson 613-947-5686
Hugh Muir (!) Commission Member 613-947-5625
Jennifer Hohmann Wood Registrar 613-947-5750
Jocelyne Moskaluk (!) Access to Information and Privacy Officer 613-995-9650
Julianne Dunbar General Counsel 613-943-5592
Kasinee Templeton Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Staff 613-947-5904
Kimberly Haeck Administrative Services Officer 613-947-5775
Lynne Larivière Senior Human Resources Advisor 613-947-9980
Marc Da Costa Financial Officer 613-996-8392
Marina Taptich Receptionist 613-947-5625
Marvy (Raquel) Leon (!) Receptionist 613-947-5625
Michel Séguin Part-time Commission Member 613-947-7642
Natasha Saikali Acting Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Staff & Communications Officer 613-944-9349
Nathalie Gauthier Senior Planning and Administration Officer 613-947-5902
Raquel Leon Human Resources Advisor 613-995-3073
Sofiane Doyon-D'Amour (!) Student 613-996-0841
Stéphane Noreau Records and Information Management Officer 613-943-5590
Suzanne Burbridge (!) Web Support Officer 613-943-5577
Suzanne Burbidge Web Support Officer 613-769-9006
Sylvain Roy (!) Chief of Staff 613-947-5704
Tanya Quinn Human Resources Advisor 613-995-3073
Troy DeSouza Part-time Commission Member 613-947-5625
Véronique Ayotte (!) Receptionist 613-947-5625