National Arts Centre


Name Title Telephone Number
Adrian Burns Chair of the Board of Trustees 613-947-7000( x221)
Alejandros Santos Receiver - Shipper 613-947-7000( x383)
Alex Gazale Production Director 613-947-7000 x287
Alexandra Lunney Producer 613-947-7000( x347)
Amir Monzajeb Project Coordinator, Mechanical/Electrical Designer 613-947-7000 x854
André Bélisle Mail Room Clerk / Messenger 613-947-7000( x419)
Andrea Hossack Communications Officer, NACO 613-947-7000(335)
Andrea Clifford Associate Director, Advance Services 613-947-7000( x268)
Andrea Stoppa Financial Analyst & System Administrator 613-947-7000( x534)
Andrea Thomson Development Officer 613-947-7000( x348)
Anna Thornton (Calvesbert) Senior Project Manager & Strategy Analyst 613-947-7000(219)
Anne Tanguay Manager, Translation Services & Official Languages Champion 613-947-7000( x546)
Annick Huard Marketing Officer, French Theatre 613-947-7000(358)
Antoine Ménard Supervisor, Parking and Client Services 613-947-7000(580)
Ariane Ladouceur Box Office Manager 613-947-7000( x276)
Bar Morgan Associate Marketing Officer, English Theatre and Dance 613-947-7000(334)
Barbara Irving Graphic Arts 613-947-7000(306)
Barry Bloom Associate Director, Annual Fund and Planned Gifts 613-947-7000( x314)
Bobbi Jaimet Senior Marketing Manager, NACO 613-947-7000(545)
Brenda Leadlay Artistic Director 613-947-7000(728)
Brian Campbell Technical Director 613-947-7000(285)
Bridget Mooney Senior Marketing Manager 613-947-7000(533)
Brigitte Haentjens Artistic Director, French Theatre 613-947-7000( x312)
Carey Van Eden Publications Officer 613-947-7000(367)
Carl Martin Senior Advisor / Communications 613-947-7000( x560)
Carla Wolff Scenes Volunteer Coordinator 613-947-7000( x395)
Caroline Wells Box Office Senior Assistant 613-947-7000(279)
Catherine Campos Meetings and Events Coordinator 613-947-7000( x589)
Catherine Lindquist Marketing Officer 613-947-7000(830)
Cathy Levy Executive Dance Producer 613-947-7000( x310)
Charles Cotton Technical Director, Dance and Special Events 613-947-7000(242)
Chris Blackburn Asssociate Director, Human Ressources 613-947-7000( x527)
Christie Ulicny National Administrator, Music Alive Program 613-947-7000( x233)
Christina Hunter-Cadieux Associate Development Officer 613-947-7000( x324)
Christine Woodbridge Operations / Development Manager 613-947-7000( x738)
Christine Marshall Finance and Administration Manager, NACO 613-947-7000(337)
Christopher Dearlove General Manager 613-947-7000(395)
Christopher Deacon Managing Director, NACO 613-947-7000(363)
Christy Harris Manager, Summer Music Institutes 613-947-7000(568)
Clayton Baraniuk English Theatre Producing Coordinator 613-947-7000 x386
Corey Rempel Assistant Librarian, NACO 613-947-7000(453)
Crystal Spicer Technical Director, English Theatre 613-947-7000(234)
Dan Copeland Web Developer 613-947-7000 x622
Daniel Senyk Chief Financial Officer 613-947-7000( x585)
Daphne Burt Artistic Planning Manager, NACO 613-947-7000(368)
David Ramalho Web Developer / Designer 613-947-7000( x775)
David McCuaig Director of Operations 613-947-7000(650)
Debbie Collins Director of Human Resources 613-947-7000( x518)
Debbie Haavaldsrud Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Coordinator 613-947-7000(414)
Diane Larose Box Office Senior Assistant 613-947-7000(281)