National Capital Commission


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron Janes Web Designer/Developer 613-239-5678 x5503
Alain Pronovost Senior Conservation Officer 613-239-5678( x7239)
Alain Nantel (!) Civil Coordinator 613-239-5678( x5707)
Alain David Building Services Technician 613-239-5678 x4004
Alain LeQuéré Chief, Corporate Financial Management 613-239-5678 x5628
Alain Belleville Chief, Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) 613-239-5678 x5788
Alain d'Entremont Senior Manager, Visitor Services & Recreation 613-239-5678 x6057
Alain Masse Property Maintenance Coordinator 613-239-5678 x4011
Alexander Stone Environmental Program Officer, Greenbelt Natural Resources 613-239-5678 x5708
Allan Lapensée Senior Procurement Advisor 613-239-5678 x5051
Allison Myatt Senior Environmental Advisor 613-239-5678 x5033
Allison Eagen Manager, Public Programs and Communications 613-239-5678( x6042)
Alyssa MacDougall (!) Student Research Officer 613-239-5678 x5711
Amanda Lapointe Architect, Design & Land Use 613-239-5678 x5575
Amélie Sanscartier Administrative Assistant 613-239-5678 x5789
Amy Bullock Greenhouse Technican 613-239-5678 x4036
André Faubert (!) Manager, Web services 613-239-5678 x5732
Andrea Mckenzie Senior Environmental Advisor LeBreton 613-239-5678( x5032)
Andréa Paravey (!) Executive Assistant to the CEO 613-239-5678 x5191
Andrew Watson Senior Technical Lead, Infrastructure 613-239-5678 x5325
Andrew Hagen Grounds Technician 613-612-8837
Andrew Marton Chief, Procurement Services 613-239-5678 x5704
Andrew Sacret Senior Planner, Municipal Liaison 613-239-5678 x5565
Angèle Adoté Business Analyst 613-239-5678 x5522
Anik Levesque Manager, General Accounting 613-239-5678 x5572
Anik Lévesque (!) Corporate Financial Advisor 613-239-5678 x5572
Ann Malone-Bianconi Manager, Interior Design and Crown Collection 613-239-5678( x4012)
Anne Ménard Vice-President 613-239-5678( x5782)
Anne Sargeant Finance and Administrative Assistant 613-239-5678( x5535)
Anne Heaney Production Coordinator, Creative Services 613-239-5678( x5027)
Anne Boudreault Editor, Writer, Translator 613-239-5678 x5561
Anne Julie Lalonde Director - Legal Services 613-239-5678( x5288)
Anne Marie Amyot Assessment Officer, PILT 613-239-5678 x5393
Anne-Carole Beauregard Project manager, Landscape Architect 613-239-5678( x5508)
Annie Ethier (!) Finance and Administrative Assistant 613-239-5678( x5773)
Araksan Mohamed Ahmed Payroll Specialist 613-239-5678 x5017
Ariella Altman Environmental Officer 613-239-5678 x5586
Art Marcotte Director, Official Residences 613-239-5678 x4013
Arto Keklikian Senior Transportation Planner 613-239-5678( x5059)
Ashbina John IT Solutions Manager 613-239-5678 x5786
Bachir Bedjou Corporate Financial Analyst 613-239-5678 x5742
Beausoleil Luc (!) Acting, Land Management Support Officer 613-239-5678( x5119)
Benjamin Hiard Program Officer, Outdoor Activities 613-239-5678( x6044)
Benjamin Musyoka (!) Student Research Officr 613-239-5678 x5742
Benoit Séguin Chief, Property Management 613-239-5678( x4025)
Benoit Gélinas Officer, Public and Community Relations 613-239-5678 x5581
Benoît Gélinas (!) Officer, Public and Community Relations 613-239-5678 x5667
Bernard Reid (!) Project Manager, Structural Engineering 613-239-5678( x5500)
Bertrand Nadeau (!) Service Centre Coordinator 613-239-5678 x5352
Betty-Ann Meyers Executive Assistant 613-239-5678 x5710
Bill Leonard Director, Real Estate and Facilities Management 613-239-5678 x5728
Binitha Chakraburtty Project Manager, Municipal Engineering 613-239-5678( x5101)
Blaise Tongacé Traoré Project Manager, Civil Works Engineering 613-239-5678 x5507
Branka Beslic Custodian 613-239-5678
Brian Huff Asset & Warehouse Officer 613-946-8713 x5770
Brigitte Castagne (!) Committee Coordinator 613-239-5678( x5370)
Brigitte Morin Senior Horticulturist 613-410-5818
Britny Démoré Acting, Information Officer 613-239-5678( x6015)
Britny Démoré (!) Information Office, Contact Centre 613-239-5678 x6015
Bruce Devine Senior Manager, Facilities and Programs 613-239-5678( x5085)
Bruce Nadeau (!) Human Resources Assistant 613-239-5678 x5725
Bruno Michel Chief, Business Services 613-239-5678 x5355
Bryan Roche Project and Technical Services Officer 613-239-5678( x6016)
Caitlin Ally (!) Legal Secretary 613-239-5678 x5780
Caitlin O'Higgins Social Media Coordinator 613-239-5678 x5495
Cameron Brady (!) Student Internal Audit 613-239-5678 x5621
Camille Tremblay Biologist 613-239-5678 x5036
Carl Langlois Project and Rideau Canal Skateway Coordinator 613-239-5678 x5475
Carley Hatt Chief, Management and Security of Information 613-239-5678 x5479
Carmen Durepos Accounts Clerk 613-239-5678 x5083
Carole Crossan (!) Project Manager, Landscape Architect 613-239-5678( x5097)
Carole Beggs Administrative Assistant 613-239-5678( x5134)
Caroline Bied Committee Secretary 613-239-5678( x5379)
Caroline Tremblay-Dextras (!) Real Estate Advisor 613-239-5678 x5074
Caroline Rivard-Cooke (!) Information Officer, Contact Centre 613-239-5678 x5365
Caroline Désilets Committee Coordinator 613-239-5678 x5662
Carolyn Sabourin (!) Marketing Officer 613-239-5678 x5772
Cassandra Demers Acting, Coordinator, Social Media 613-239-5678 x5585
Catherine Ella (!) Executive Director, Official Residences of Canada 613-239-5678 x5700
Catherine Verreault Senior Manager, Land and Natural Resources 613-239-5678( x6012)
Catherine McCarthy (!) Branch Administrative Officer/Coordinator 613-239-5678 x5614
Catherine Ruel (!) Financial and Executive Officer 613-239-5678 x5146
Catherine LaFleur (!) Branch Administrative Officer/Coordinator 613-239-5678 x5614
Catherine Giugovaz Acting Senior Analyst, Corporate Planning and Reporting 613-239-5678 x5745
Catherine Godbout Legal Counsel 613-239-5678( x5622)
Catherine Martin Advisor, Human Ressources Programs 613-239-5678 x5735
Catherine Bouchard Communications Assistant 613-239-5678 x6051
Cédric Pelletier Strategic Communications Advisor 613-239-5678( x5709)
Cédric Williams (!) External Relations Officer 613-239-5678 x5484
Cédric Jérôme Payroll Supervisor 613-239-5678 x5765
Cédric Coulibaly Brival (!) Officer to the Ombudsman 613-239-5678 x5219
Céline Lanthier (!) A/Chief, Real Estate Transactions 613-239-5678( x5334)
Céline Jalbert (!) French Writer, Editor & Translator 613-239-5678( x5414)
Céline Desormeaux Junior Restoration Project Officer 613-239-5678 x5834
Céline Larabie Vice-President, Human Resources 613-239-5678 x5656
Chadwick Durocher Payroll Specialist 613-239-5678 x5618
Chanelle Lemieux-Lecavalier Project Officer 613-239-5678 x6056
Chantal Bédard Chief, Commission Secretariat 613-239-5678( x5693)
Chantal Miner (!) Chief, Real Estate Transactions 613-239-5678( x5058)
Chantal Lévesque A/Leasing & Accounts Receivable Officer 613-239-5678( x5148)