National Energy Board

Organization Structure

National Energy Board
+ Chairman/CEO


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron DeLeon Financial Management Advisor 403-919-6048
Aaron Dubois ATIP/ Executive Support Offic 403-561-6162
Abha Bhargava Director 403-299-3171
Abul Kabir Drilling Engineer 403-510-5754
Adam Hutchings Security Advisor 403-471-5804
Adrian Luhowy Tech Specialist, Engineering 403-473-4310
Alain Jolicoeur Member (Temporary) 403-606-3304
Alan Pentney Casual 90 Days 403-305-8573
Alan Daly (!) Learning and Development Specialist 403-472-0107
Albert Louie Director 403-299-3717
Alejo Saul Communications Administrator 403-299-3117
Alex Ross Associate General Counsel 403-299-3114
Alex Rubinshteyn Engineer 403-608-8039
Alexander McGrath Regulatory Data Analyst 403-390-9798
Alexandru Murasan (Acting) Group Leader, Operations 587-893-0792
Alexis Williamson VP People and Knowledge 403-970-4354
Alicia Greyeyes (!) Administrative Assistant 403-473-3529
Alison Scott Member (Temporary) 902-826-7713
Alison Farrand Director 403-299-3677
Alison Taylor (!) Market Analyst 403-630-0682
Alison Marchbank Compensation Advisor 403-615-9534
Allan Mansaray Administrative Assistant 403-473-0968
Allicia Ensor Administrative Assistant 403-470-6868
Amadeus Sung (!) Records Classifier 403-612-5328
Amadou Sangare Engineer 587-538-2155
Amanda McCoy Energy Information Coordinator 403-299-3308
Amanda Harwood (Acting) Data Management Specialist 403-613-3816
Amber Duffy Administrative Assistant 403-607-7931
Amélie Fortier Operations Compliance Officer 403-389-6737
Amy Coleman Executive Administrator 403-299-3684
Amy Jarek VP Communications and Engagement 403-299-3586
Andrea Caza Reference Officer 403-292-8898
Andrea Oslanski (Acting) Market Analyst 403-389-4470
Andrea Hardie Technical Leader - Sys. Oper. 403-606-5073
Andrea Boras Market Analyst 403-919-7891
Andrew McLeod (Acting) Assignment 403-390-6860
Andrew Hudson (!) Counsel 403-299-2708
Andrew Benson (Acting) Director 403-299-3112
Andrew Strople Market Analyst 587-538-2161
Andrew D Mcleod Procurement Officer 403-614-3703
Andria Logan Environmental Specialist 403-614-3706
Angela Walsh Records Classifier 403-613-9629
Angela Hojszak Executive Administrator 403-299-3576
Anita Dodd Human Resources Assistant 403-608-6797
Anna DeCarlo Tech Leader, Enforcement 403-970-4258
Anne McAinsh Administrative Assistant 403-299-3629
Anne Losier Regulatory Officer 403-608-6743
Anne-Dominique Roy Tech Writer (French) 438-922-1607
Anne-Marie Erickson Tech Leader, Socio-Economics 403-605-3911
Anne-Marie Bourassa Mota Engineer 438-993-9356