Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Adela Reid Manager 613-947-6374
Adele McKay (!) Program Officer 613-943-1364
Adèle McKay (!) Program Officer 613-943-1364
Adina Jacobson Senior Program Eval. Officer 613-995-8841
Adina Jacboson (!) Senior Program Eval. Officer 613-944-6232
Ainsley McFarlane Senior Program Officer 613-992-4265
Alain D'aoust Senior Financial Systems Analyst 613-992-6099
Alejandra Almeida Research & Innovation Development Officer 905-403-0161
Alex Boucher (!) Program Evaluation Officer 613-944-5808
Alexander Thistlewood Policy Analyst 613-943-7648
Alexandra Hynes Team Leader, Labout Relations 613-992-2640
Alexandra Francoeur Human Resources Assistant 613-947-4179
Alexandre Pigeon (!) NCE Communications Coordinator 613-943-8761
Alfred Leblanc Vice-President, Communications, Corporate and International Affairs 613-943-5317
Ali Mohamed Senior Contracting Advisor 613-992-9342
Alice Hanlon Senior Internal Auditor 613-947-6923
Alison Janidlo Senior Program Officer 613-992-1820
Allan Dove Web Officer 613-947-6523
Amaan Bashir Human Resources Advisor 613-943-7611
Amélie Deschamps (!) IT Support Clerk 613-943-2886
Amine Boudil Policy and Planning Analyst 613-943-7644
Amy Reckling Program Officer 613-995-5075
André Isabelle (!) Associate Vice-President 613-995-6010
Andréa Benoit Deputy Director 613-996-4853
Andrée-Anne Jean Program Assistant 613-943-8623
Andrei Ionescu Manager 613-943-7604
Andrew Grosvenor (!) International Policy Advisor 613-992-3445
Andrew Sinclair Manager, Regional Office 905-403-0746
Angela Yeung Program Officer 613-944-6244
Angèle Godin Program Assistant 613-947-7090
Angelina Houle (!) Awards Administration Assistant 613-996-8196
Anik Brazeau (!) Communications Officer 613-995-5732
Anna Engman Senior Program Evaluation Officer 613-992-8918
Anne Webb Policy and Planning Analyst 613-996-2009
Annemarie Fraser Program Officer 613-996-3861
Anne-Marie Éthier (!) Administrative Assistant 613-943-4799
Anne-Marie Thompson Director 613-943-7651
Anne-Sophie Brou Senior Officer, Financial Monitoring 613-996-3174
Annie-France Bernier Strategic Program Officer 613-943-7831
Anouchka Soto Program Assistant 613-943-8759
Arlette Wega (!) Senior Officer, Financial Monitoring 613-944-5326
Ashlea Langevin Regional Office Coordinator 613-996-4694
Ashley Larsen Program Assistant 613-943-4153
Ashley Larson Program Operations Officer 613-943-1368
Barbara Conway Corporate Secretary to Council 613-995-5897
Barney Laciak Manager 613-996-1079
Béatrice Verley Senior Web Copy Editor 613-947-2524
Benjamin Cyr Director, Finance and Awards Administration 613-943-5030
Benoit Latrémouille Trans.-Editor Comms Officer 613-996-4698
Bernard Haché Research Partnerships Promotion Officer 506-854-9543