Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Anne LeBel Judicial Appointment Management Officer 613-992-2917
Brian Dmitriew Programmer/Analyst 613-992-2364
Carole El-Khoury (!) Program Assistant 613-292-2992
Caroline Masse Senior Communications Advisory 613-943-5896
Chantal Granger Administrative Financial Officer 613-947-9428
Charles Nezan Legal Editor 613-992-2899
Cyril Tiwari Director, IM/IT 613-996-5536
Dale Ryan Administrative Services Assistant 613-996-5504
Daniel Houle (!) Administrative Services Assistant 613-996-5504
Daniel Morin A/Procurement and Administrative Services Coordinator 613-947-6339
Daniel Pratte Manager, IT Applications 613-992-8839
Dave Poulin Administrative Financial Officer 613-947-1023
Dominique Allard Director, Judges' Language Training 613-992-2950
Erica Hambsch Manager, Financial Services 613-992-8185
Errolyn Humphreys Director, Finance and Administration 613-947-8492
François Boivin Executive Editor 613-947-8491
François Côté Manager, Compensation, Pension and Benefits 613-992-5538
Gregory Yarema (!) Corporate Procurement and Administrative Services Coordinator 613-947-6339
Hélène Genet Financial Assistant 613-996-5526
Hélène Burkholder (!) Program Services Officer 613-992-9400
Jacinthe Rog Administrative Assistant to the Commissioner 613-947-1793
Jean Macéus (!) Administrative Services Assistant 613-996-5504
Jean-Michel Seguin Manager Infrastructure & Operations 613-947-6337
Jennifer Sellers Language training coordinator 613-992-9300
Jerina Harizaj Programmer ? System Administrator 613-947-4414
Julie Terrien Deputy Commissioner 613-995-2142
Julie Desjardins Financial Services Specialist 613-992-2918
Julie Darveau Program Services Officer 613-992-9400
Karine Paquette Compensation, Pension and Benefits Trainee 613-992-0993
Kendra Adams Financial Analyst 613-992-2926
Kim Clément Systems Administrator 613-992-2423
Kristine Joyce Program Assistant 613-292-2992
Linda Brunet Production Manager 613-992-2934
Louise Renaud Program Services Assistant 613-992-9400
Lynne Lemay Legal Research Editor 613-992-2619
Marc Charbonneau Service Desk Technician 613-995-5160
Marc Giroux Commissioner 613-947-1875
Marie Brosseau Executive Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner 613-995-2142
Marie-Andrée Paquette (!) Adjointe de programme 613-992-2992
Melissa Watson Shotton (!) Administrative Coordinator 613-992-9483
Natalie Duranleau A/Executive Assistant to the Commissioner 613-947-1875
Nataliya Horodetsky Program Manager 613-995-2508
Natasha Villeneuve Compensation, Pension and Benefits Advisor 613-996-5528
Nathalie Lalonde Legal Research Editor 613-992-2904
Nicole Sayed (!) Special Advisor 613-992-8185
Nikki Clemenhagen Director, Compensation, Pension, Benefits and HR 613-947-9899
Oleg Shakov Director, International Programs 613-992-2990
Philippe Lacasse Executive Director, Judicial Appointments, and Senior Counsel 613-992-9400
Ramneet Sierra Project Officer 613-996-0398
Richard Méthot Database Administrator 613-947-7292