Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Adam Zanna Counsel 819-994-2194
Aditya Ramachandran Counsel, Legal Services 819-994-2285
Alain Lacroix Executive Assistant to the Information Commissioner 819-994-0002
Alain Paradis IM Manager 819-994-1562
Alexandra Berkin Investigator 819-994-1626
Alexandra St-Jean Administrative Assistant 819-994-1310
Allison Knight A/Director, Complaints Resolution Team 819-994-1915
Alyssa Phillips Policy Analyst 819-994-1652
Amber-Dawn Davison (!) Research Analyst 819-994-1141
André Marcoux Senior HR Advisor 819-994-1069
Angelle Moore Manager, Access to Information and Privacy 819-994-1226
Anik Pilotte Senior Compensation Advisor 819-994-1135
Annie Hall (!) Manager, Information Management 819-994-1804
Ari Daigen Investigator 819-994-1413
Asim Khan Programmer/Analyst 819-994-1033
Brigitte Martin Investigator 819-994-1388
Carmen Garrett Chief of Operations 819-994-1798
Carole Audette Manager, Intake Unit 819-994-1238
Carolina Mingarelli Counsel, Legal Services 819-994-2289
Catherina Viveiros Investigator 819-994-1382
Catherine Martelock Investigator 819-994-0652
Chantal Tremblay Reference Librarian/Records Analyst 819-994-1562
Christian Picard Director, Strategic Case Management Team 819-994-1844
Christopher Schultz Investigator 819-994-1586
Claire Momot Investigator 819-994-1524
Claude Beaulé Investigator 819-994-1519
Clémence Mainguy Investigator 819-994-1936
Cody Waite Security and Administration Officer 819-994-1217
Colleen Martin Chief of Operations 819-994-1894
Cynthia Sakellarides Junior Communications Officer 819-994-1069
Diane Therrien Counsel, Legal Services 819-994-2318
Elspeth Gullen Special Advisor 819-994-0003
Emile Chiasson (!) Investigator 819-994-1821
Émilie Dumontier Investigator 819-994-1621
Eric Murphy Client Liaison Officer 819-994-1252
Eric Guertin Director, Information Management and Technology 819-994-1765
Erika Robichaud Intake Officer 819-994-1263
Ernest Aumand (!) Investigator 819-000-0000
François Deslauriers Investigator 819-994-1608
Geneviève Suzanne Trothier (!) Strategic Planning Advisor 819-994-1115
Gino Grondin General Counsel 819-994-2255
Heather Rousson Investigator 819-994-0666
Hélène Champagne Administrative Assistant 819-994-1065
Iman Mohammadi Human Resources Advisor - Developmental 819-994-1115
Inayat Dhanani Senior IT Security/LAN Infrastructure Specialist 819-994-1032
Jacqueline Lavoie (!) Administrative Assistant 819-994-1231
Jacqueline Strandberg Counsel, Legal 819-994-2289
Jean-François Bigras Personal Screening Officer 819-994-1204
Jeff Buck Investigator 819-994-1931
Jeffrey Vachon Investigator 819-994-1473