Office of the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons


Name Title Telephone Number
Aidan Strickland Student 613-943-5786
Chad Mariage Director of Issues Management 613-995-4910
Diane Mathé Administrative Assistant 613-995-9112
Dominic LeBlanc Leader of the Government in the House of Commons 613-995-2727
Geneviève Laflamme Senior Administrative Officer 613-992-5816
Gurjiven Sandhu General Assistant 613-995-9112
Hugo Dompierre Director of Parliamentary Affairs 613-943-4996
Jérôme Miousse Special Assistant 613-947-7619
Louise Benoit Administrative Assistant 613-995-2727
Mark Kennedy Director of Communications 613-947-6769
Nadine Vinette Office Manager 613-995-2727
Sabrina Atwal Press Secretary 613-996-6048
Stephanie Choeurng Special Assistant 613-943-5202
Steven Carrière Administrative Assistant 613-995-2727
Vincent MacNeil Chief of Staff 613-995-2727