Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Abbas Fawzi Information Officier 819-994-5728
Abubakar Khan Director, Toronto Regional Operations 416-973-7268
Alain Charette Manager, Corporate and Internal Communications 819-994-5559 x5
Alba Hernandez Executive Assistant 819-994-6020
Alejandra Negrete (!) Administrative Assistant 819-994-5582
Alexander Arruda (!) Senior Privacy Investigator 819-994-6283
Alexandra Foster Senior Privacy Analyst 819-994-6100
Andréa Rousseau Chief of Staff 819-994-5828
Andrew Patrick IT Research Analyst 819-994-6228
Angelo Iacono Senior Privacy Investigator 819-994-0145
Angie Dumouchel Complaint Intake Officer 819-994-6433
Anick Marcil Information Management Officer 819-994-5764
Anne Desjardins Manager, HR Programs, Policy and Labour Relations 819-994-5553
Anne-Marie Hayden Director General, Communications 819-994-5581
Anne-Marie Cenaiko Manager, Public Education and Outreach 819-994-5619
Ariane Brassard (!) Correspondence Officer 819-994-5775
Arun Bauri Strategic Policy and Research Analyst 819-994-5932
Barbara Bucknell Director of Policy, Parliamentary Affairs and Research 819-994-5965
Brad Carrier Senior Privacy Investigator 819-994-6410
Brent Homan Director General, PIPEDA 819-994-6261
Carman Baggaley (!) Senior International Research and Policy Analyst 819-994-5868
Carolina Miranda Complaint Intake Officer 819-994-6392
Catherine Dubé Administrative Assistant 819-994-6481
Celine Pare (!) Media Analyst 819-994-5641
Chantal Fortin Complaint Intake Officer 819-994-6409
Chantal Laberge Financial Officer 819-994-5211
Chantal Chauvet Scheduling Assistant 819-994-5835
Chantale Roussel Director Business Planning and Management Practices 819-994-6479
Cheryl Thompson (!) Senior Privacy Investigator 819-994-6248
Christina Derenzis Senior Privacy Investigator 819-994-6255
Christopher Prince Strategic Policy and Research Analyst 819-994-5914
Claire Neveu Human Resources Coordinator 819-994-5487
Claudia Rutherford Paralegal 819-994-5926
Crizia Lippi Executive Assistant 416-973-5414
Dan Bourgeault Senior Audit and Review Officer 819-994-6081
Daniel Nadeau Director General/CFO 819-994-6503
Daniel Therrien Privacy Commissioner of Canada 819-994-5841
Danièle Chatelois Manager, Policy and Research 819-994-5911
Danielle Guérin Senior French Editor 819-994-5629
Daphné Saumur-Kelly (!) Administrative Assistant 819-994-6484
David Carle-Ellis Case Analyst 819-994-6237
Denis Cuillierrier Investigations Clerk 819-994-6390
Denis Phillion (!) Receptionist 819-994-5831
Dirk Buettner Analyst ? Business Planning and Management Practices Directorate 819-994-6500
Emilie Tremblay Executive Assistant 819-994-6494
Émilie Lafontaine (!) Information Management Officer 819-994-5758
Emily Chan Technical Analyst 819-994-5023
Eric Goldstein Information Management Officer 819-994-5765
Erik Beaudoin Support Agent 819-994-5228
Erin Courtland Senior Privacy Investigator 819-994-6340