Office of the Procurement Ombudsman

Organization Structure

Office of the Procurement Ombudsman


Name Title Telephone Number
Alain Bazinet Procurement Practices Review Senior Analyst 613-947-9688
Amy Dubeau Business and Corporate Services Manager 613-947-9673
Antonella DeAngelis Procurement Practices Review Manager 613-947-9666
Arthur Miskew (!) Procurement Practices Review Manager 613-947-9745
Caroline Villeneuve Procurement Investigator 613-947-9713
Dave Musonge Review Support Officer 613-947-7809
Eileen Young Student 613-947-9684
Eimer Sim Director, Quality Assurance and Risk Management 613-947-9697
Eric Sénéchal Business and Corporate Services Officer 613-947-7879
Frank Brunetta (!) Procurement Ombudsman 613-947-9696
Gilles Pineau Communications Manager 613-947-9685
Habon Ismael Analyst 613-947-9692
Janet Barrington (!) Director, Quality Assurance and Risk Management 613-947-9697
Jason Goorwah Procurement Practices Review Manager 613-947-9743
Joanne Krause Procurement Practices Review Manager 613-947-9738
Kelly Cambridge Analyst 613-947-7876
Kurtis Barrett Junior Communications Officer 613-947-9667
Lisa Teed Procurement Review Manager 613-947-9710
Lisa Saruwatari Senior Quality Assurance Advisor 613-947-9754
Lorenzo Ieraci Interim Procurement Ombudsman 613-947-9728
Margaret-Jane Malcolm Procurement Practices Review Manager 613-947-9718
Margherita Finn A/Director, Procurement Inquiries & Reviews 613-947-9676
Melody Pilon (!) Student 613-947-9754
Michael Senzilet Legal Advisor 613-947-9686
Michelle Gagnon A/Executive Assistant 613-947-9683
Natalie Ashton Analyst 613-947-9682
Patrice Guay Senior Procurement Review Officer 613-947-9664
Patti Magee Procurement Practices Review Manager 613-947-9709
Paul Ménard Intake Officer 613-947-7828
Ria Ste-Marie Intake Analyst 613-947-7876
Roselyn Fernandes (!) Student 613-947-9682
Suleiman Rana (!) Senior Risk Advisor 613-947-9710