Policy and Controls Division


Name Title Telephone Number
Adriana Mastrostefano (2021) Financial analyst
Aggelikihelen Matsiros Senior advisor
Chiranjiv Contavadoo Financial Analyst - Controls and Policies
Diane Lavallee (2023) Senior Advisor, Quality, Control
James Seale (2019) Director, Controls
Josée Rédivo (2021) Financial Analyst
Juste Rajaonson (2019) Analyst, Evaluation 514-212-5424
Marie-Josee Laprise (2019) Financial officer
Marie-Josée Beaudoin Financial Analyst 438-892-1497
Mathieu Cédillotte-Ramsay Financial Analyst
Mathieu Cedilotte-Ramsay (2020) Financial officer
Micheline Durocher Financial Analyst
Nancy Titan Financial Advisor
Sylvie L'Archevêque (2019) Financial Analyst