Corporate Accounting Directorate


Name Title Telephone Number
Bonnie Willis (2023) Payable Accounts Assistant 438-995-8417
Christian Masse (2019) Chief, Accounting Services 438-993-1531
Florine D'Haïti Financial analyst
Georges Nadim Hassoun Financial agent
Lise Desjardins (2021) Financial assistant
Martin Veillette (2023) Directeur, Comptabilité
Micheline Durocher (2019) Financial officer 514-701-7570
Monika Obrusnik (2020) Financial clerk
Na Touch (2020) Financial Officer
Nancy Haddad Director - Corporate accounting, Controls and Collection 514-701-5789
Nancy Titan (2021) Financial agent
Pascal Balata Chief, Corporate Accounting, Collections and Internal Control
Pierre Kambala Nyembwe Financial Agent
Saraï-Sheila Jerome (2022) Financial clerk
Sophie Drapeau (2019) Senior Analyst 514-497-2884