Fisheries and Oceans Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Adria Patzer Manager 613-990-0210
Alexzander Grubac Building Operator Maintainer 250-756-7323
Aline St-Laurent-Guérin Senior Biologist (BI-03) 343-542-1834
Alyssa Mougeot (!) Administrative Officer 613-799-5722
Andrea Asbil Communications Advisor 613-990-6293
Andrew Lowe Electronics Systems Technologist 519-464-5107
Angele Menard (!) Analyst / Coordinator 613-993-3048
Anita Szerze Communications Advisor 613-993-1854
Anna Di Tota (!) Director Business Management Se 613-595-1704
Annik Campagna (!) Analyst 613-991-6631
Ann-Margaret Salem Senior Communications Advisor 613-608-9605
Ashley Kling Science Advisor 613-998-9115
Ashley Fagan Senior Communications Advisor 613-990-0636
Ashley Jackson Communications Manager, Fisheries and Harbour Management 343-548-5709
Barre Campbell Senior Communications Advisor
Bienka Roy Clerk 418-775-0596
Bradley Roote Counsel 613-947-4142
Brendan Wringe Biologist 902-426-6742
Cameron Frame Building Operator Maintainer 250-756-7323
Carolane Lepage Intelligence Analyst 418-648-4265
Carole Saindon Senior Media Relations Advisor 613-990-0189
Caroline McNicoll Senior Communications Advisor 613-991-0525
Carolyne Soucy Information management 418-648-7321
Catherine Gibeau Outreach Coordinator 418-455-4415
Chantal Latour (!) Assistant ATIP Coordinator 613-991-6116
Chantale Charbonneau (!) Senior Advisor, Program Developm 613-884-2438
Chantalle Gonzalez Analyst, Strategic Services 514-757-3985
Christina Cann (!) Field Administrator 250-615-5368
Christy Thompson Aquatic Science Technician 250-756-7057
Cindy Loubert SAR Operational Requirements Analyst 613-407-2197
Clark Munro Communications Advisor 613-990-6293
Clinton Wilson (!) 705-941-2666
David Campbell Enhancement Technician 250-703-0912
Denise Hart Workforce Clerk 709-682-8742
Dominic Duval Electronic Systems Engineering Technologist 418-648-7091
Dongdong Chu Visitor
Edwina Barradas Legal Assistant 613-991-6173
Eric St-Clair (!) IM Strategy Implementation 613-404-8753
Erin Norman Senior HR Assistant 204-983-7931
Fiona Smith Sr. Communications Advisor 613-998-8115
Françoise Meloche Legal Counsel 613-990-8343
Frank Stanek Communications Manager 613-990-0499
Genevieve Bilodeau Navigation Analyst 418-648-7438
George Choueiri Approvals and Publications Clerk 613-949-9105
Glen Sloan Mr. 613-301-6715
Glen Moss Information Administrator, Information Management 709-772-5179
Greg Birdsell SAR Programs Officer 613-762-1677
Ian Gillis Project Assistant - CCG Phoenix Team 343-999-7509
Ian Wade Business Analyst 778-533-8103
Ingrid Nielsen Manager 613-991-0323
Isabella Meduri (!) Manager, Resources and Investment Planning 613-990-9930
Isabelle Rioux Administrative Officer 506-851-7813
Isabelle Perrault Manager 613-993-7356
James Amos Enhancement Technician 250-703-0907
James McCarron Aids to Navigation Electrical Technician -Central and Arctic 519-736-5442 x252
Jayne Housden Administrative Assistant 905-336-6436
Jeanna Chan Senior Trade Policy Analyst 613-998-8113
Jennifer Martin A/Senior Advisor, Labour Relations Centre of Expertise 709-772-7662
Jessica Lemieux Communications Officer 343-999-2043
Jillian Smith Administrative Assistant 613-998-1812
Jocelyne Roy (!) Financial Officer / Agente financière 855-859-6271
Joel Leger (!) Tobacco Enforcement Officer 506-851-3910
Jonathan Hill (!) Fishery Officer 604-607-4165
Josiane Clement (!) Senior Project Officer 613-404-6755
Judy Maunsell Program Administrator 604-666-8833
Julia Farago Legal Assistant 613-991-6173
Juliana (Julie) Dubeau Senior Program Officer 613-294-5275
Kathleen Smith Sr. Communications Advisor 613-990-0636
Kathleen McDonald 613
Kayla Beamish Communications Advisor 613-993-1512
Kayla Kirby SMIS Clerk 709-687-1885
Kevin Charbonneau Advisor,Organizational and Classification Centre of Expertise 613-462-4587
Kyla Xavier Internal Communications Advisor 613-998-5888
Laura Ortori-Objio (!) Administrative Assitant 613-618-1920
Leah McConney Oceans Biologist 902-499-0526
Lis Sondergaard Senior Policy Advisor 613-991-0353
Lisa Maola Acting Crewing Officer 519-464-5086
Lisa Williams Communications Advisor 613-990-3633
Louis Maltais Director, Hydrospatial Services and Support 613-990-0265
Luc Landry Director, Desktop Engineering and Asset Management, IM&TS 506-380-0823
Luke Brimacombe Social Media Videographer
Lydia Cavison Junior Science Officer 613-000-0000
Malinda Flemming Communications Advisor 613-991-3043
Margaret Andrade Policy Advisor 613-297-8591
Marie-Ève Boissonnault Manager 613-715-3195
Marija Curran Junior Communications Advisor 613-998-1530
Mario Imbeault (!) Team Leader / Contracting Services 506-238-3915
Marybeth Wolicky Senior Digital Advisor Opioids 613-716-6705
Mathieu Tessier-Gros Louis (!) Student Strategic Services 418-648-3529
Matthew Payne Writer/Editor 613-949-7521
Megan Nesseth Communications Advisor 613-990-0636
Melanie Croft-White Aquatic Science Biologist 416-629-6980
Melissa Miron (!) Management Administrative Officer 613-410-1376
Melvin St. Croix Lightkeeper, Powle's Head 709-727-9829
Michael Ottogalli Electronic Technologist 709-772-4312
Mike Ryan Senior Analyst - FCSAP Expert Support (NCR Term) 204-984-6215
Mladen Hruska Electronic Technologist 709-772-4312
Nancy Maguire (!) Manager 613-355-9374
Natalie Seguin A/Manager 613-990-1867
Natalie Warren Technical Data Officer 250-216-0629