Organization Structure



Name Title Telephone Number
Andrew Bernardo Director, Communications and Parliamentary Affairs 613-992-6962
Cathy Guillemette (!) Admin Assistant to Director General, Operations 613-996-4284
Dania Hadi Staff Officer to the Ombudsman 613-996-2089
Erin McDonald Director, Intake and Complaint Analysis 613-992-0787
Gary Walbourne (!) Ombudsman 613-996-2089
Gregory Lick Interim Ombudsman 613-996-2089
Guylaine Deslauriers (!) Staff Officer to Director General, Operations 613-996-8061
Holly McManus General Counsel 613-996-8068
Jamie Robertson (!) Director of Communications, Outreach and Parliamentary Affairs 613-992-6962
Leslie Robert Director, Corporate Services 613-992-7024
Mary Kirby (!) Director, Strategic planning and Research 613-992-0787
Melanie Chapman Director, Investigations 613-992-0787
Michael Kaduck (!) Director General, Operations 613-992-0787
Robyn Hynes Director General, Operations 613-992-0787
Veronique Perreault (!) Senior Advisor 613-996-6648