Infrastructure Canada, Minister's office


Name Title Telephone Number
Amy Mankal Administrative Assistant 613-949-1759
Brook Simpson Press Secretary 613-949-1759
Chike Agbasi Special Assistant, Ontario 613-949-1759
Christina Paravan Administrative Assistant 613-949-1759
D'Javon Brown (!) 613-949-1759
Gurpreet Vinning Policy Advisor and Special Assistant, Western Canada 613-949-1759
John Brodhead Chief Of Staff 613-949-1759
Kate Monfette Director of Communications 613-949-1759
Katherine O'Halloran (!) Senior Special Assistant 613-949-1759
Kelly Rowe (!) Policy Advisor 613-949-1759
Leslie O'Leary Director of Issues Management 613-949-1759
Marie-Pascale Des Rosiers Senior Special Assistant, Quebec 613-949-1759
Mathieu Bélanger Director of Policy 613-949-1759
Maya Borgenicht Policy Advisor 613-949-1759
Meagan Hill (!) 613-949-1759
Mike Burton Director of Parliamentary Affairs 613-949-1759
Navneet Khinda Special Assistant, Policy 613-949-1759
Sandy Schembri Senior Special Assistant, Atlantic 613-949-1759
Sonja Blondeau Scheduling Assistant 613-949-1759