Service Delivery and Management


Name Title Telephone Number
Abdou Chahdi IM/IT Team Leader 613-943-3497
Adam Prince IM/IT Technical Support Analyst 506-851-3636
Adam McGuire CS04: A. Account Manager RCMP 613-220-0660
Aditya Gangaraju Senior Analyst 613-619-1798
Adji Sira Deme Ndiaye Support Technician, Infrastructure/Operations 514-283-2644
Adji Sira Deme Nydiaye IT Operator 514-283-2644
Ahmed Ameur Service Transition Coordinator (STC) 514-465-1961
Alain Trudel 613-218-4721
Alain Albert System Analyst 506-548-7440
Alain Bard A/Director 613-219-4131
Alain Cormier IM/IT Technical Support Analyst 506-377-2119
Alain Pratte Team Lead Incident Coordination 613-244-2928
Alain Goyette 613-402-8024
Alan McCaugherty Regional Service Delivery Manager, IT Business Line Support Services - VAC and DND Ontario 613-536-4530
Alan Daly Process Analyst 613-408-4653
Alban Rrahmani Technical Advisor, AAFC 343-550-3126
Aldo Di Gioacchino Manager 613-302-9157
Alex Comtois Lecocq Senior Analyst 343-548-4665
Alexander Hedges Team Leader 613-957-0085
Alexis Bura Administrative Advisor, ITAM Officer 343-999-5679
Alganesh Embaye 613-954-9816
Ali Kramers Agreements Officer, Enterprise Business Intake & Demand Management 613-790-2847
Alison Seguin IT Asset Management Officer 343-542-8299
Allain Daigle Technical Advisor 506-380-9476
Amadou Sow IT Support Technician 613-947-1803
Amanda Ellis Technical Specialist 613-697-0254
Amanda Hiscock Support Analyst, AOSD 613-355-7569
Amin Mashali-Ferdows
Amit Bajpai Process Coordinator 613-618-4889
Amol Gill Analyst 613-371-2660
Amy Reashore Senior Analyst 613-956-5446
Amy Lachapelle Administrative Clerk 343-542-4725
Anastasiya Zaroubina 613-220-1283
André Pilon Service Delivery Management 613-301-3049
André Bouchard Junior Technical Specialist 613-716-4493
André Lepage Technical Specialist 613-875-0036
André Leclerc Team Lead, Incident Coordination, Service and Delivery Management Branch 613-327-6912
Andrea Houghton 613-990-9834
Andrea Halden Technical Specialist 613-240-3416
Andrea Charette Lepage Executive Assistant 819-775-0198
Andree Lacroix Team Lead 613-862-7857
Andrew Cudmore Senior Service Delivery Manager, Atlantic Region 902-393-4769
Andrew Parent Senior Technical Specialist 613-868-2330
Andrew Lowe Support Analyst, Infrastructure Operations 613-954-9816
Andrew Hotte Enterprise Business Intake & Demand Management 613-219-0669
Andrew Goodier 343-548-0134
Andrew Wortman Acting Executive Assistant 613-670-8624
Angele Poulin Systems Analyst 819-934-2247
Anitta Martignago 613-790-3078
Ann Lachance Director, Strategic Initiatives 613-960-4382