Audit and Evaluation

Organization Structure

Canadian Dairy Commission
+ Audit and Evaluation


Name Title Telephone Number
Alex Komashchenko Senior Auditor 613-286-0183
Alex Xiao Junior Auditor 613-792-2050
Annick Louisseize Audit Assistant 613-792-2053
Benoit Guertin Audit Project Leader 613-799-9154
Brigitte Pettes Junior Auditor 613-402-8728
Douglas Crossman Junior Auditor 613-219-9473
Hossein Behzadi Director of Audit and Evaluation 613-222-2468
Jamie Hill Senior Auditor 613-406-1795
Kayla Cloutier Junior Auditor 613-406-4081
Mélanie Grandjean-Joyeux Junior Auditor 613-220-5238
Phil Rebus Audit Project Leader 613-799-7963
Philippe Cardinal Auditor 613-797-2272
Sabine Denoun Audit and Program Evaluation Project Leader 613-406-1779
Suleka Ahmed Gahery (!) Junior Auditor 613-792-2051
Vanessa Lagacé Manager, Audit and Evaluation 613-790-4841
Vanessa Lecavalier (!) Manager, Audit and Evaluation 613-790-4841