Organization Structure

Canadian Grain Commission
+ Executive


Name Title Telephone Number
Brian Brown Chief Audit Executive 204-983-3089
Caitlin Pringle (!) Policy Analyst 204-510-7568
Corey Allen Administrative Assistant 204-983-1675
David Corby Administrative Assistant, Executive Division 204-984-3344
Doug Chorney Assistant Chief Commissioner 204-983-2730
Elwin Hermanson (!) Chief Commissioner 204-983-2735
Gordon Miles (!) Chief Operating Officer 204-983-2731
Ian Anderson Evaluation Analyst 204-951-3163
Jim Smolik (!) Assistant Chief Commissioner 204-983-2730
Joanna Huang (!) Student Internal Auditor 204-509-8126
Jocelyn Beaudette Chief Operating Officer 204-983-2731
Karla Petri Policy Analyst 204-292-6551
Kerri Elyk Senior Internal Auditor 204-983-8379
Leroy Motsi Student Internal Auditor 204-509-8126
Lonny McKague Commissioner 204-983-2732
Mary Ann Thompson Legal Counsel 204-983-2733
Murdoch MacKay (!) Commissioner 204-983-2732
Natalie Rioux Executive Assistant to the Chief Commissioner 204-983-2737
Patti Miller Chief Commissioner 204-983-2735
Rob Maertens (!) Legal Counsel 204-983-2733
Yolande Le Quere Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer 204-983-2736