Office of the Minister of Seniors


Name Title Telephone Number
Annabelle St-Pierre Archambault Press Secretary and Issues Manager 819-654-5348
Chukky Ibe Special Assistant 819-654-5348
Colin Lalonde Special Assistant, Ontario and Operations 819-654-5348
Daniel Rozon Driver 819-654-5348
Diane Ethier Office Manager 873-396-0743
Emmaleigh Munro Special Assistant, Communications 819-654-5348
Filomena Tassi Minister of Seniors 819-654-5348
Heather Porter Executive Assistant and Scheduling Assistant 819-654-5348
Jude Welch Chief of Staff 819-654-5348
Julia Duncan Special Assistant, West and Atlantic 819-654-5348
Kim Leclerc Special Assistant, Quebec 819-654-5348
Lars Wessman Senior Policy Advisor 819-654-5348
Martin Rivard (!) Departmental Assistant 819-654-5348
Melonie-Anne Fullick Special Assistant 819-654-5348
Peter O?Sullivan Legislative Assistant 819-654-5348
Sandra Deschamps (!) Office Manager 819-654-5348