Natural Resources Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Adam Deochand (2019) Shipper and Receiver
Adam Skilton Temp Help 902-426-6127
Ahmad Mohsenimanesh Visiting Researcher
Ahmed Awad (2019) Research Scientist, Smart-Grid 450-652-4621
Ahmed Jalal Syed Electrical and Instrumentation Technologist 780-999-9999
Alain Arseneault (2019) Special Advisor to the Canadian Commissioner
Alexandra Barone Policy Analyst 604-999-9999
Alexandre Gagné (2019) Project Engineer 450-652-0702
Alexandre B Desbiens (2019) Energy Efficiency Intern 450-652-5743
Alexina Boileau-Morrison Paleontological Collections Assistant
Alicia Koen Senior Geomatics Technologist 825-510-1305
Allison Procher COOP Student
Amel Mouda Azzem Research Assistant
Amin Esmaeili Khalil Saraei (2019) Research Scientist 450-652-3566
Amy Laberge (2019) Student 418-654-3161
Anais Voski Policy Analyst Recruitment and Development Program (PARDP) 613-943-0110
Andrea Beairsto Accommodation Planning Officer 613-447-2780
Andres Mauricio Osorio (2019) Software Engineer 450-652-4629
Andrew Hague Mechanical Technologist
Andrew Kingston Research Scientist 403-999-9999
Angelene Fajardo COOP Student
Anique Lacoursiere Collections Assistant
Anjuli Szawiola Policy Analyst
Anna Podhorodeski COOP Student 250-363-6500
Arius Hounkpatin Programmer 450-999-9999
Augustina Dunev (2019) Manager, Electronic Document and Records Management 343-292-8039
Barry Joyce (2019) Policy Analyst
Ben Gray (2019) Manager, Wellness and Values and Ethics Programs 343-292-7005
Benjamin Lauziere (2016) Student 819-564-5600
Benjamin Beauchamp RAP Student
Brendan O'Hara Combustion Research Technologist
Briana Ippolito Collections Assistant
Brianna Ippolito (2019) Collections Assistant
Bruno Marcotte (2019) Research Engineer 450-652-4820
Bruno Litzelmann (2019) Trainee, informatics 418-648-3565
Caleb Lam Program Officer
Carol Abdul-Samad (2016) 111-111-1111
Caroline Boucher Instructor
Catherine Vachon Agent de projet 819-564-5600
Charles Mougeot Project Leader
Chelsea Fleming (2019) Analyst
Chelsea Staffa (2019) Forest Information Officer 343-999-9999
Chiara Ferrero-Wong (2019) GIS Technichian 902-426-0652
Christa Versolato COOP student
Christian Gareau (2019) Mechanical Technologist 613-992-0771
Christian Kelly COOP Student
Christopher Harrison Research Scientist 519-999-9999
Christopher Stevens Geomatics Officer 613-943-4127
Christopher Baldus-Jeursen Research Office, Solar Energy 450-652-2555
Cindy Bourgault (2019) Geosciences technician 418-654-3709
Claudia Gravel (2019) Assistant Development National Forestry Database 418-648-4886
Claudia Nashmi COOP student
Clément Rousseau (2019) Student 450-652-4187
Dan Flemming (2016) Materiel Management Clerk 506-452-3245
Daniel Fazari COOP Student
Daniela Parete NDT Certification Clerk 905-999-9999
Darren McDonald Senior Geomatics Technologist 825-510-9999
Darryl Hoefsloot Administrative Assistant 604-666-0408
Dave Sinclair (2016) Volunteer 613-992-9810
David Didier Coastal geoscientist 902-426-8988
David Sun Research Engineer 450-999-9999
Debra Tompkins Caron (2019) Administrative Advisor
Declan Carroll Building Science Technologist 613-944-5138
Denna Regan Volunteer
Diane Ouellet-corriveau (2019) Senior Corporate Financial Planning Officer 343-292-8213
Dima Kayyali 450-999-9999
Dominic Abramowicz (2019) Electrical and Instrumentation Technologist (EG-02) 780-987-7909
Duane Petts ICP-MS Support Scientist 613-992-6609
Dylan Simmonds Student 613-996-7298
Emma Demers (2019) Administrative Assistant 613-995-9683
Emma Nadarajah Archives Assistant 343-292-6191
Eric Turriff (2016)
Estefan Apablaza-Arancibia (2019) Electrical Engineering Intern 450-652-0318
Étienne Saloux (2019) Research Scientist 450-652-0862
Étienne Ducharme (2019) Translator-Reviser Trainee 450-652-4815
Fabio Colella COOP Student
Firas Elchamaa Student 613-995-5844
Florence Masoup (2016) Administrative Assistant 418-648-7141
Francis Bonin (2016) Assistant Developpement National Forestry Database 418-648-7927
François Douville (2017) Research Assistant 418-648-3696
François Malenfant Research Assistant 902-426-0652
Gabriel Maheu (2016) Industrial Electronics Technologist 450-652-2549
Geoff Salomons Program Officer 604-999-9999
Geoff Salomons-TBD Program Officer
Glenn Robinson (2019) Field Assistant
Gonzalo Rocha Aguilera Research Scientist Hydrocarbon Conversion 780-987-8628
Graeme Tang Research Engineer
Guillaume St-Onge (2019) Mechanical Engineer Intern 450-652-3752
Gwylim Seaton Blackburn (2019) Insect population geneticist 418-648-5806
Haiyan Yin Research Technologist 780-987-8697
Hajo Ribberink Electric Vehicles Research Engineer 613-944-6364
Heather McTavish Policy Analyst
Ian Gibson (2019) Program Assistant 343-292-6731
Iqra Billoo Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement Intern 450-999-9999
Jack Smith COOP Student
James Hughes (2019) Optical Diagnostic Technician
James Brydie Director, Environmental Impacts 780-987-8660
James Thornton Analytical Technologist 613-996-8497
Janice Sharpe-DG (2019) Policy Advisor
JC Lavergne Senior Geodetic Technologist 613-406-9056