Climate Change Impacts & Adaptation Division


Name Title Telephone Number
Adam Greenberg Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Officer 343-292-6502
Alan Guilfoyle General Office clerk
Catherine Lafleur Science Planning Officer 613-618-0567
Christopher Jennings Director, CCIAD 343-292-6508
Demyan Plakhov FSWEP Student 343-292-6726
Diane Dupuis Science Assessment Officer 343-292-6527
Dominique Auger Policy Analyst 343-292-6895
Don Lemmen (!) Manager, Research and Scientific Assessment 613-295-2339
Elaine De Hamel Program Officer 343-292-6528
Elizabeth Atkinson (!) Senior Policy Manager 613-447-5664
Ericha Moores Policy Analyst 343-292-7535
Fiona Warren Senior Science Advisor 343-292-6523
Gwynneth Magnan PROGRAM ASSISTANT 343-292-6538
Joanne Egan Senior Policy Advisor 343-998-4909
John Sommerville Policy Analyst 902-426-7442
Kayleigh Chaston-Vickers Policy Analyst 343-542-9013
Mary-Ann Wilson Program Manager 613-866-4198
Meerna Homayed Science Knowledge Officer
Melinda Simar Policy and Planning Analyst 343-292-6185
Nicole Lulham SCIENCE PLANNING OFFICER 343-292-6118
Pamela Kertland Program Manager 613-816-1577
Suzanne Perdeaux Science Planning Officer 343-292-6556
Tanya Burger Senior Policy Analyst 343-292-6507