Canadian Hazards Information Service


Name Title Telephone Number
Aidan Millar IT Operations Officer 613-995-1028
Alex Pittman (2019) Electronic Technician
Alexandra Rynard Physical Scientist
Alison Bird Earthquake Seismologist 250-363-6432
Allison Bent Scientist 613-995-8852
Andrew McCann Research Scientist 613-793-6755
Andy Tran Electronics Technologist 613-837-5438
Benoît St-Louis Manager, Systems Development 613-837-4244
Brian Schofield Technologist 250-363-6701
Brittany Splane Seismic Operations Technician
Cameron Stauffer (2019) Student 250-363-8802
Catherine Woodgold (2019) Seismologist 613-992-0136
Charles Blais IT Specialist 613-298-1292
Claire Perry Research Scientist 613-992-0249
Corey Koelewyn Software Developer 250-999-9999
Daniel Poirier Field Electronics Technologist 613-837-5432
David Boteler Scientist 613-837-2035
David McCormack Director 613-992-8766
David Calp Physical Scientist, Geomagnetism 613-837-1757
Deborah Girard HR Consultant 613-996-6295
Donald Danskin Scientist 613-837-4561
Dylan Young Science and Technology Analyst
Erica Pietroniro Research Scientist
Frederick Murphy Seismic Technologist 867-873-4573
Grace Waddington Student 613-837-5135
Guy Garceau Field Electronic Technologist
Henry Seywerd Program Manager Earthquake Early Warning 613-996-3695
Hing-Lan Lam (2019) Scientist 613-837-3527
Issam Al-Khoubbi Physical Scientist 613-837-5139
Jamal Abd-Ali IT Software Developer 613-995-4669
James Blinkhorn Computer Scientist 613-947-0107
John Buckle Head - Nuclear Emergency Response Team 613-995-5526
John Adams Seismologist 613-995-5519
Joseph Farrugia Seismic Analyst and Radionuclide Station Local Operator 250-999-9999
Joseph Letang Student
Joseph Landell Student
Kathryn Coyle Head, Geoscience Analysis and Info 613-404-2285
Khalil Hayek (2019) Head of Infrastructure & Development 613-992-5699
Laurel Sinclair Research Scientist 613-992-5505
Lisa Nykolaishen Scientist 250-363-8808
Ljubomir Nikolic Computational Physicist 613-837-5131
Lorne McKee Head of Operations 613-837-5431
Lorraine Pelletier Financial Administrative Assistant 613-947-4517
Loughlin Tuck (2020) Physical Scientist 613-837-9156
Mahtab Dhaliwal (2020) Student 613-837-5135
Mark Lamothe Technologist. 613-837-5140
Michael Lynch Policy Analyst 343-999-6456
Michael Cunningham (2020) Geophysical Scientist 613-837-7915
Michal Kolaj Research Scientist 613-996-0045
Nathan Olfert Field Electronics Technologist 613-837-5130
Nicholas Ackerley Seismic Analyst 613-943-1581
Nina Markova Database Analyst 613-302-8978
Nina Plouffe Operations Officer 613-995-1006
Paul Street (2019) CNDC Operations Officer 613-947-8864
Pieter DeMeutter (2020) Postdoctoral research program 613-952-5658
Qingmou Li Research Scientist 613-992-0136
Reid Van Brabant Hazards Risk Specialist 613-614-3685
Risto Juhani Pirjola Physical Science Expert 613-837-5138
Robyn Fiori Scientist 613-837-5137
Rosemary Gillott Senior Application Developer
Ross Ashlie Seismic Technologist 867-873-4573
Spencer Haskins (2020) Student 613-995-6672
Stephanie Wyshnicki (2019) Geophysical Fieldwork Assistant
Stephen Crane Research Scientist 613-992-3753
Stephen Halchuk Seismologist 613-943-2015
Taimi Mulder Scientists 250-363-6436
Taylor Cameron SE-RES 613-837-5135
Ted Vollo Seismic Analyst 777-991-8582
Tim Claydon Technologists 250-363-6435
Tim Côté Computer Scientist 613-992-5729
Timothy Beattie (2020) IT Operations Officer
Wayne Edwards (2019) Research Scientist 613-995-4669
Xiuying Jin CNDC Operations Officer 613-995-5584
Yasemin Beckers (2019) Student
Yuan Lu Scientist 250-363-6567
Ziad Gias Field Electronic Technologist 867-873-5135