Polar Continental Shelf Program


Name Title Telephone Number
Adam Deochand Field Equipment Officer 343-543-6275
Alain Sigouin Field Equipment Officer 613-990-2399
Benoit Roussel Inventory Management Officer 613-410-1854
Bettina Sales Science Policy Analyst 613-850-6128
Carl Carroll Facility Maintenance Mechanic 867-252-3872
Chansouvan Sok Field Equipment Officer 343-543-6437
Chantale Biggs Finance and Administrative Officer 613-853-2654
Christopher Slaughter Cook 867-252-3872
Colin Carson OA Tools Technical Specialist 613-978-1257
Daniel Webber Food Services Manager 343-543-6277
Daniel Heppell Client Liaison & Inventory Coordination Officer 613-668-5284
Daren Saumik Facility Maintenance Mechanic Apprentice 867-252-3872
David Mate Director, Polar Continental Shelf Program 613-998-8114
Dominic Gauthier Field Equipment Officer 613-990-7385
Elisyan Rousseau-Beauchamp (2019) Travel Coordinator and Finance Assistant 343-543-6640
George Benoite (2019) Senior Storekeeper 867-252-3872
Glenn Parsons Logistics Operations Officer 613-853-2847
Iane Fortin Warehouse Operations Officer 613-298-6517
Jean-Philippe Gagnon (2019) Field Equipment Manager 613-297-0165
Jennifer Throop Science Analyst 613-410-2914
Jodi MacGregor Logistics Operations Officer 613-716-4017
Johnathan Cadwell Kitchen Assistant 867-252-3872
Justin Bergeron (2019) Facility Maintenance Mechanic 867-252-3872
Kari Borris Chief, Office Management Unit 613-878-6073
Kathleen Lysyshyn Chief, Program Coordination and Outreach 613-716-9667
Kim Dufresne Kitchen Assistant 867-252-3872
Kim Deacon (2019) Kitchen Assistant 867-252-3872
Marc Rancourt Facility Maintenance Mechanic 867-252-3872
Marc Lapointe HR Coordinator 613-790-5088
Matthieu Péloquin Science AnalystAnalyste scientifique 343-542-2704
Mélissa Desforges (2019) Procurement Assistant 343-999-2151
Michael Purcell (2019) Business Analyst
Michael Kristjanson Chief, Arctic Logistics Support Centre 613-883-0023
Michael Jordan (2019) Director 613-998-8114
Mickeala Sigouin (2019) Junior Field Equipment Officer 613-298-6517
Patricia Roy Kitchen Assistant 867-252-3872
Paul Ling Procurement Officer 343-543-6888
Pierre Ouellet Field Equipment Officer 613-960-4665
Sarah Carroll Cook 867-252-3872
Sarah Randell Cook 867-252-3872
Shannon Greenwell Travel Coordinator and Finance Assistant 343-543-6876
Stephen Whiteley Kitchen Assistant 867-252-3872
Tanya Lemieux Logistics Coordinator 613-797-7950
Teena Parlee Material Management Officer 613-99-9999
Thomas Platt Logistics Operations Officer 613-415-9612
Tim Norman Mechanic 867-252-3872
Timothy McCagherty Logistics Operations Officer 613-853-2931
Trent Harding Facility Maintenance Mechanic 867-252-3872
Vincent Osborne Field Equipment Officer 343-543-6438
Wayne Shields Facility Maintenance Mechanic 867-252-3872
Yvon Laroche Field Equipment Officer 613-954-0069