Office of the Chief Information Officer


Name Title Telephone Number
Andrew Pett Student
Cathy Smith Event and Committee Officer 613-415-7327
Edward Vandesande (2021) Senior Advisor 613-716-9438
Fiona Long a/Executive Director, Strategy and Transformation 613-277-0845
Idir-Amine Metahri (2020) Junior Statistical Analyst 343-552-7005
Isabelle Caron Issue Officer 613-295-7439
Jonathan Hodge (2020) Junior Developer 613-859-7043
Jordana Globerman GCXchange User Experience Manager
Joy Moskovic (2019) Business-Communication Officer 613-716-4573
Karla Santos-Pedro (2020) Director, Next Generation HR & Pay 343-548-7217
Lou Fournier (2019) Project Manager 613-302-8896
Noemie Sincennes-Labrecque Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the CDO 613-222-2679
Oliver Bayer (2021) Senior Advisor 613-295-3641
Olivia Neal (2020) Executive Director, Digital Change 613-286-8564
Parker VanWyck Compliance Officer
Paul Wagner Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategy & Transformation 613-410-8474
Paul Noble Program Officer 343-550-8755
Pirthipal Singh Executive Director, Digital Identity
Sam Van Dusen (2019) Executive Assistant 613-369-9648
Shelley Merrifield (2020) Project Officer 613-295-9451
Stefan Innes (2019) Junior Policy Analyst 613-866-3349
Stephen Burt Chief Data Officer 613-291-4719