Strategic Communications and Ministerial Affairs


Name Title Telephone Number
Allen Pink (2019) Director, Digital Transformation Office 613-864-9787
Angele Lanthier Submission and Document Control Officer 613-369-9564
Caitlin Stead Junior Communications Officer 343-571-0466
Elizabeth Lindsay Executive Director
Ericka Theoret ATIP Clerk 343-576-9450
Isabelle Tessier (2019) Director Public Affairs 613-369-9368
Jonathan Harris (2020) Junior Technology Project Officer 343-550-7686
Karina Romero (2019) Team Support Officer 613-222-9067
Kayla Castro (2020) Communications Advisor 343-552-8820
Kimberley Tombs Junior Technology Project Officer 819-962-4862
Kristina Hernandez (2019) Junior ATIP Analyst 613-614-9803
Mélissa Robillard (2019) Administrative Assistant to the Director General 613-369-3198
Michael Martel (2020) Interaction Designer 343-540-5515
Nicole Hudon Senior ATIP Advisor
Sheri Northrup (2019) Senior Advisor, Digital Communications 613-796-0989
Tina Mahdavi-Nader (2020) Administrative Officer
William McMahon Director 613-818-6781