Board Support Services


Name Title Telephone Number
Alison Schuster (!) Board Members Assistant 613-990-1791
Blanco Sabrina (!) Board Members Assistant 613-990-1786
Caroline Laflamme Editor, French Language 613-990-1742
Celine Laporte (!) Director, Strategic Advice and Support 613-990-1669
Charles Charbonneau Editor, English Language 613-949-7386
Christine Têtu Program Analyst 613-990-7450
Christopher Miller Junior Editor, English Language 613-990-1815
Christy Pitt (!) Administrative Assistant to Vice-Chairs and Board Members 613-990-1789
Embaye Sharon Board Members Assistant 613-990-1762
Francine Charette Acting Director, Business Operations Unit 613-990-9126
Jean-Christophe Bolduc Information Management Officer 613-990-7020
Jean-Maurice Sarazin (!) Records Clerk 613-990-1760
Katia Godin Board Members Assistant 613-990-1789
Kaylee Langille Senior Policy Analyst 613-949-0272
Larissa Steben Taillon Junior Editor, French Language (Student) 613-991-3448
Marc Laforge Records Clerk 613-991-2794
Marie-Pier Hémond (!) A / Head of Records 613-990-7020
Maude Fortin Editor, French Language 613-949-6195
Muna Ismail Student - Records Clerk 613-990-1757
Nancy Konan-Waidhet (!) Program Analyst 613-990-7450
Olivier Tremblay Head of Records 613-990-8719
Olivier Dagenais (!) Records Clerk 613-991-2794
Pierre Robichaud Library Officer 613-990-1809
Rédina Blain Board Members Assistant 613-990-1791
Sabrina Blanco Board Members Assistant 613-990-1786
Sharon Embaye Board Members Assistant 613-990-1762
Stephanie Pieri Acting Director, Strategic Advice and Support 613-990-1669