Name Title Telephone Number
Amanda Gibson Deputy Director 613-716-2891
Blaise Ndala Deputy Director 343-550-4609
Chris Ablett Senior Investigator 613-716-2842
Daniel Valade Analyst, S. 19 and Use of Force 343-550-4604
Danielle Dion Senior Investigator 613-716-2887
Hazel Miron Senior Investigator 613-716-2868
Jean-Frédéric Boulais Director and Legal Counsel 613-716-2845
Johanne Vernet (2022) Senior Investigator 613-302-9888
Josée McCann (2022) Director of Investigations 613-716-2884
Lina Cipro (2022) Senior Investigator 613-990-9484
Manuelle Larocque Early Resolution officer 343-571-3767
Mélanie Vernier Use of Force Analyst 613-716-2859
Mélissa Tremblay Early Resolution officer 343-575-2487
Patrick Dagenais Senior Investigator 613-716-5104
Patrick St-Jean Early Resolution officer 343-550-2569
Sheraz Kausar Senior Investigator 613-716-2872
Stéphanie Hamell (2022) Senior Investigator 343-550-4477
Stéphanie Gauthier Analyst, S.19 and Use of Force 343-550-4472
Téa Kulenovic Administrator, S.19 and Use of Force 343-543-2788