Atomic Energy of Canada Limited

Organization Structure



Name Title Telephone Number
Agatha Leachman Human Resources Generalist 343-303-0505
Alastair MacDonald Vice President, Decommissioning and Waste Management Oversight 343-303-0509
Amanda Rowlands (2018) Contract Analyst 613-589-2085 x10229
Amanda O'Haire Contract Analyst 343-303-0513
Craig Michaluk Senior Director, Project Delivery Target Cost Projects 343-303-0969
Dave Lussier Security Program Manager 343-303-0498
Dave Smith Vice-President, Business Operations and Chief Financial Officer 343-303-5399
Dave Kryschuk Contract Analyst 343-303-5400
Dave Hess (2018) Lead Contracts Officer 613-589-2085 x10211
David Hess Lead Contracts Officer 343-303-5397
Eleanor Miller Executive Administrative Assistant 343-303-0517
Eric Bizier Legal Counsel 343-303-0520
Erica Lyut (2017) Accounting Analyst 613-589-2085 x10213
Erica Luyt Accounting Analyst 343-303-0937
Frank Gibbs (2019) Vice-President, Decommissioning & Waste Management 613-589-2085 x10210
Garry Yaraskavitch Senior Director, Plant Operations & Chief Security Officer 343-303-0954
Geri Dean Human Resources Generalist 343-303-0962
Graeme Williamson Senior Director, Strategy, Business Planning and Government Relations 343-303-0965
Grant Gardiner Vice-President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary 343-303-0966
Isabelle Gaudreault Senior ATIP Analyst 343-303-0967
Jane Mackie (2017) Accounting Analyst 613-589-2085 x10213
Janet Stefaniuk Senior Project Controls Analyst 343-303-0983
Jean Boulais Director, Access to Information and Privacy 343-303-5401
Jeff Newhook Senior IT Systems Administrator 343-303-0485
Jim McCafferty Director, Decommissioning & Site Restoration 343-303-0973
Jim McKenna Director, Conduct of Operations 343-303-0982
John Osborne (2019) Vice-President, Capital Program, Operations and Security 613-589-2085 x10222
Jonathan Lundy (2016) Chief Transition Officer 613-589-2085 x10204
Josh Michelson Manager, Contracts & Business Strategy 343-303-5330
Julie Mallory (2017) Senior Financial Analyst 613-589-2085 x10216
Justin Barnes (2019) Senior Technical Decommissioning & Waste Management Oversight Specialist 613-589-2085 x10227
Karen Huynh Federal S&T Manager 343-303-5332
Kristin McMahon Contract Analyst 343-303-5340
Margo Draper Senior Accounting Analyst 343-303-5342
Mary Ann Dewey-Plante Engagement and Communications Manager 343-303-5448
Maude-Émilie Pagé Director, Communications and Government Reporting 343-303-5345
Meaghan Weisenberg (2017) Executive Administrative Assistant 613-589-2085 x10217
Meghan Leach Executive Administrative Assistant 343-303-5346
Michael Boudens Contract Analyst 343-303-5349
Micheal Boudens (2018) Contracts Analyst 613-589-2085 x10231
Nancy Chaput Senior Director, Human Resources 343-303-5351
Paul McClelland Director, Waste Management & Technical Support 343-303-5352
Paul Roberts Vice-President, Capital Program, Operations & Security Oversight 343-303-5458
Pierre Desilets (2017) Director, Project Contracts (Wrap-up Office) 905-829-3333 x36946
Renée Hudon Communications Analyst 343-303-5468
Richard Sexton President and CEO 343-303-5346
Rob Mason Director, Business Operations 343-303-5395
Robert Yeoman (2019) Manager, Commercial (Wrap-up Office) 905-829-3333 x36947
Robert Keeler Director, Oversight of PHAI 343-303-5396
Shaista Khodabocus Executive Administrative Assistant 343-303-5402
Shannon Quinn Vice-President, Science, Technology and Commercial Oversight 343-303-5407
Shannon Gramann Project Manager 343-303-5446
Stella Lam Manager, Projects (Wrap-up Office) 905-301-7358
Stephanie Lemay Senior Contracts Officer 343-303-5472
Steve Bushby Senior Director, Commercial Oversight and S&T Integration 343-303-5411
Tanya Gauvin Corporate Controller 343-303-5415
Tara Macdonald (2018) Communications and Policy Analyst 613-589-2085 x236
Thomas Kelly (2016) Reporting Analyst 613-589-2085 x10225
Tomas Kelly Reporting Analyst 343-303-0495
Vandana Paliwal (2017) Human Resources Business Partner 613-589-2085 x10209