Name Title Telephone Number
Alejandro Garcia (!) Director Emerging Risk and Data Analytics 613-947-0041
Allyson Judd Analyst, Risk Assessment 613-943-2956
Annie Hardy Director, Policy 613-943-2751
Annie Hardie (!) Director, Policy 613-943-2751
Bradley Howell (!) Risk Manager 613-995-6541
Chris Le Pan Risk Manager 613-995-7086
Christa Walker Special Advisor, Bail-in, 613-947-0269
Claire Dumais (!) Compliance Officer, Insurance 613-947-0256
Colin McLean (!) Policy and Research Analyst 613-996-9024
Dean Cosman Executive Vice-President, Insurance and Risk and Chief Risk Officer 613-996-9043
Derek Carlisle (!) Policy and Research Analyst 613-996-8262
Elizabeth Hanlon Risk Manager 613-996-2468
Emiel van der Velden Director, Insurance 613-943-2773
Erica Lasker Analyst, Resolution Coordination 613-943-2955
Gregory Cowper Managing Director, Policy, Insurance & Emerging Risk 613-947-0027
Harman Wander Principal Research and Analysis 613-947-0033
Jesus Sierra Jiménez Director Emerging Issues and Data Analytics 613-943-2271
Jesus Sierra (!) Principal, Emerging Risk 613-943-2271
Joanne Lucas Policy and Research Advisor 613-947-0270
John Rossi Policy and Research Advisor 613-947-0029
John Boivin Principal, Risk Assessment 613-992-7889
Josée Villemaire Policy and Research Advisor 613-943-2746
Julie Charron Administrative Assistant 613-995-7431
Kevin Laporte Business Intelligence and Data Manager 613-995-0313
Krista Mulholland Policy and Research Advisor 613-995-8121
Liliana Chiroque Compliance Officer, Insurance 613-947-0256
Lubka Voucheva (!) Risk Manager 613-995-8122
Mary McCluskey Senior Project Manager 613-996-9680
Mathieu Gaudreault Policy and Research Analyst 613-947-0041
Michael Dunkelman (!) Compliance and By-Law Analyst 613-943-2746
Mirza Arifhodzic Risk Manager 613-995-8122
Nicholas Brewer Director, Risk Assessment 613-996-0790
Noah Arshinoff Manager, Insurance 613-995-6548
Richard Gabay Risk Manager 613-947-6400
Russell Palma Data Analyst 613-943-2840
Sang Hwa Lee Compliance and By-Law Analyst 613-943-1976
Scott Sorenson Risk Manager 613-996-9150
Scott McLean Policy Advisor, Emerging Risk 613-947-0255
Sean McElwain Policy and Research Advisor 613-943-8017
Sharon Parkhill Administrative Assistant 613-995-7532
Sheila Salloum Managing Director, Risk, Assessment 613-947-0257
Stephen Bevington (!) Managing Director, Risk Assessment 613-992-6984
Wesley Huffman Risk Manager 613-943-2822