Canada Revenue Agency


Name Title Telephone Number
A. Deschênes Collection contact officer 866-229-0827 x4029
Adele Kouamo Djomo Appeals officer 819-371-5746
Alain Plourde Senior technical Applications Officer 819-573-2500 x2774
Alexandre Brière Appeals officer 819-536-9295
Ali Hossein Pour Hajjar Appeals officer 438-347-0329
Alicia Catana Appeals officer 819-534-9454
Amelie Bergeron (2019) Personnel Security Screening Clerk 613-995-4395
Annabel Veilleux-Marcoux Appeals officer 514-209-2923
Annie Béland Appeals officer 819-536-9604
Ann-Monique Leslie (2019) Manager 613-946-5815
Audray Lalande Appeals officer 418-563-4952
Benoit Remillard Senior Analyst 343-553-5837
Bijoux Somwe Appeals officer 514-603-9276
Bousso Sylla Appeals officer 819-531-6507
C Lefebvre-Chateauvert Collections Contact officer 819-534-5471
Claire Lambert Appeals officer 819-536-9419
Claude Gauthier Appeals officer 873-255-4551
Claude Demers Analyst 613-670-0651
Connor Gentle Junior Quantitative Analyst 613-670-7902
Cynthia Fung Quantitative Analyst 613-670-1312
Danette Vaive 613-292-8344
E. Hamrit Collection contact officer 866-229-0827 x5729_
Elias Awad Appeals officer 819-247-2953
Elizabeth Gregoire Customs Collections Contact Agent 866-229-0827 x5608
Frédéric Gauthier Appeals officer 819-536-9759
G. Kadadi Collection contact officer 866-229-0827 x5839
Gildas Nangmaleu Appeals officer 819-247-8512
Greg Moore Accommodations Officer 613-859-0973
Hébert Mélanie Appeals officer 873-255-7009
Hélène Verrier Manager 438-270-6969 x_____
I. Mitu Collection contact officer 866-229-0827 x4016
Jacynthe Faucher Appeals officer 819-529-1133
Jacynthe Bélanger Appeals officer 418-573-4281
Jasmine kherani Auditor 343-553-6176
Jean-François Ruel (2018) Director 613-954-8330
Johanne Charbonneau (2019) Special Advisor to the AC 343-291-4351
Jonathan Mabika Appeals officer 819-247-8636
Jonathan Paulin Appeals officer 514-603-9435
Josée Lacroix Appeals officer 819-536-9405
Josée-Ann Paradis Director 418-634-3124
Josiane Laferrière Appeals officer 819-247-0735
Julie Featherstone Acting Manager 613-946-0147
Julie Guilbert Appeals officer 873-255-4207
Julie Laforme Appeals officer 819-536-9644
Julien Saindon Collections Contact Officer 866-229-0827 x4022
Justin Massicotte Appeals officer 819-247-3544
Komi Denanyoh Appeals officer 438-341-9824
Laforme Julie Appeals officer 819-536-9644
Léanie Demontigny Appeals clerk 819-534-9557
Leva Rouhani (2018) 613-286-7714
Lynda McCollough Appeals officer 819-531-3259
Man Qiu Zhao Appeals officer 819-529-1136
Manon Bournival Appeals officer 819-536-9339
Marc Thibeault Appeals officer 873-355-5271
Maria Bautista income tax auditor 613-688-7340
Marie-Claude Désaulniers Appeals officer 819-536-9335
Marie-Suzanne Chamberland Appeals officer 819-529-1134
Mariette Audrey Koffi Ziahi Appeals officer 438-357-9614
Martha Ugbome Collections and Verification Branch 343-542-9700
MArtine Ménard Appeals officer 819-536-9815
Martine Agossou Appeals officer 581-397-3593
Martine Noel Appeals officer 819-536-9618
Maryse Lacoursière Appeals officer 819-536-9744
Matthew Messenger Appeals Division 613-619-1627
Matthew Desaulniers Appeals officer 819-536-9431
Maxime Comeau Appeals officer 819-386-1798
Melanie Ringrose Director 613-894-1373
Mélissa Leclerc Appeals officer 819-247-1867
Melissa-Marie Cormier (2017) Senior Analyst art. 41 819-994-3507
Mikael Torres Collections Contact Officer 866-229-0827 x4019
Mizette Robert Appeals officer 514-603-4508
Monica Levy Team Leader 613-688-7341
Nadine Guerin (2019) Issue Manager 613-948-1545
Natacha Guimond Appeals officer 819-247-2956
Niainana Miora Solofomalala Appeals officer 418-952-4855
Olivier Couton Appeals officer 438-458-6545
Olivier St-Yves Appeals officer 819-536-9398
Pascal Dupont-Lamy Appeals officer 819-536-9640
Paule Bussière Appeals officer 819-531-4393
Philippe Paule Chimi Tchoumbia Appeals officer 819-386-4065
Pierre Colson Appeals officer 514-708-4281
Priscilla Boisvert Appeals officer 819-247-8628
Ramnal Perera Solutions Architecture and Integration 613-954-9237
Ramprakash Buskalowa (2017) Administrative Assistant / Adjoint administratif 587-930-1914
Raphaël Lafrenière Appeals clerk 819-534-5170
Raphaël Tej Appeals officer 819-536-9447
Riaz Subratty Appeals officer 514-220-0143
Ruth Nohemy Henriquez Corleto Investigator 343-575-6667
Sarah Côté Appeals officer 819-371-9642
Simon Blais Appeals officer 819-380-4618
Simon Brien Appeals officer 819-247-8766
Solveig Girard Collections contact officer 819-534-4175
Stephanie Parizeau Appeals officer 819-536-9649
Sylvie Maniscalco (2019) Senio HR Advisor,Policy and Programs 613-957-8947
Sylvie Lebel Appeals officer 819-536-9662
Tania Lemieux Collections Contact Officer 866-229-0827 x4017
Tenin Koné Junior Programs Officer
Tommy Joubert-Poirier Appeals officer 819-536-9935
Victoria Cooper Appeals officer 514-386-2589
Vincent Laquerre Appeals officer 819-247-8323