Radio Policy & Applications


Name Title Telephone Number
Annie Laflamme (2017) Director, Radio Policy and Applications 819-994-1752
Caroline Poirier Manager, French Radio policy and Applications 819-712-3187
Caroline Dugas (2017) Radio Monitoring Analyst 819-997-4718
Catherine White Senior Radio Analyst 819-997-4672
Cathy Allison Manager, Radio Policy and Monitoring 819-997-4689
Cherie Johnston Senior Policy Analyst 819-639-0162
Christina Ivanescu Analyst, Radio Monitoring 873-353-4579
Cosette Vandenberg Policy Analyst 819-661-9934
Denis Bouchard Senior Advisor - Radio Monitoring 819-230-0243
Diane Massie Analyst 873-354-0349
Hélène Plouffe (2017) Radio Monitoring Analyst 819-994-0136(cell)
Isabelle Zwicker (2019) Analyst 873-353-9266
Joe Aguiar Manager, English Radio Policy and Application 819-997-4714
Josiane Lord Manager Commercial Radio Policy Review 819-576-2568
Julie Doucette (2018) Policy Analyst 819-712-2386
Line Joyal Policy Analyst 819-934-6352
Lyliane Tchatchoua-Dongué (2018) Radio Analyst 819-923-1476(cell)
Lynn Asselin Senior Policy Analyst 819-997-9382
Marie-Claude Perron Senior Analyst 819-997-1028
Marie-Claude Lacombe Senior Analyst- English Radio 819-635-3922
Marie-Lyse Lavallée Radio Analyst 819-997-4453
Rachel Marleau Director, Radio Policy and Application 819-918-7507
Sandi Sartor Administrative Assistant 873-353-1246
Sebastien Robillard Senior Radio Analyst 819-997-4688
Simon Lapointe (2017) Radio Analyst 819-639-4387(cell)
Valentina Bourgeois Senior Analyst 819-000-0000
Véronique Larose Radio Analyst 819-635-8230
Victoria Woodhead Analyst, French Radio 873-355-1156