Name Title Telephone Number
Anna Adamek Director, Curatorial Division 613-293-8003
Bryan Dewalt Director, Curatorial Division 613-991-0648
Cédric Brosseau Assistant Curator 613-299-8967
Christina Harb Administrative Assistant, Collection, Research and Corporate Governance 613-903-4200 x2132
David Pantalony Curator, Physical Sciences and Medicine 613-222-4812
Emily Gann Assistant Curator 613-299-8678
Erin Gregory Curator, Aviation and Space 613-991-3084
Michel Labrecque Assistant Curator 613-299-6274
Molly McCullough Assistant Curator 613-230-2770 x2015
Rebecca Dolgoy Curator, Natural Resources and Industrial Technologies 613-296-8534
Rénald Fortier (2021) Curator, Aviation and Space 613-993-5751
Sarah Jaworski Assistant Curator 613-301-7804
Sean Tudor (2018) Curatorial Assistant 613-991-3079
Sharon Babaian Curator, Marine and Land Transportation 613-795-0021
Suzanne Beauvais (2021) Assistant Curator 613-203-2136
Tom Everrett Curator, Communications 613-404-8982
William Knight Curator, Agriculture and Food 613-230-2770( x2014)