Organization Structure

Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency
+ Ottawa


Name Title Telephone Number
Anja Jeffrey DG, Policy and Planning 613-992-5142
Annette Arsenault Senior Policy Analyst 613-404-8044
Charles Gray Financial Officer 613-355-1596
Christopher Horton Director, Strategic Policy 613-995-9487
Colleen MacKay (!) Administrative Assistant 613-995-7749
Darren Wilson Administrative Assistant 613-947-4118
Derek Gloade Administrative Assistant - Corporate Services 613-796-0146
Eric Larochelle Manager, Finances / Deputy Chief Financial Officer 613-302-5784
Geoff Solomon (!) Junior Policy Analyst 613-220-7838
Ingrid Nielsen Senior Policy Analyst 613-668-7702
Jacqueline Seck (!) Administrative Assistant 613-302-5784
Kristian Smith Junior Policy Analyst 613-286-7486
Laura Way Policy Analyst 613-796-4672
Lynne Laviolette Policy and Planning 613-415-5105
Marcelle Chabot Senior Policy Analyst 613-513-6408
Pierrette Décosse Administrative Assistant 613-302-5784
Raymond Galipeau Administrative Assistant 613-668-1834
Simon Fleck Financial Advisor 613-415-8752
Vacant Vacant Policy Analyst 613-698-8031
Virginia Poter Vice-President, Policy, Planning, Communications and Northern Projects Management Office 613-995-9432
Wanda Thompson (!) Director, Communications 613-995-9415