Office of the Commissioner, Canadian Coast Guard


Name Title Telephone Number
Alexandre Seguin (2018) Executive Advisor to the Commissioner 613-990-5044
David Faulkner (2017) Special Advisor to the Commissioner 613-993-1628
Emilie Moreau Executive Assistant 613-998-1571
Émilie Moreau (2018) Executive Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner 613-998-5717
Jeffery Hutchinson Commissioner 613-990-5813
Jessica Cloutier Correspondence Coordinator 613-991-0250
Joey Mackenzie Chief of Staff 613-990-5044
Kevin Mckenna (2018) Response Specialist 604-270-3273
Leslie Pelletier (2018) Staff Officer to the Director General, National Strategies 613-990-9094
Marie Viau (2018) Coordination Officer 613-998-3805
Michelle Martin Senior Policy/Economic Advisor 613-990-5043
Miriam Trudeau Executive Advisor to the Commissioner 613-990-5044
Nadine Barakat Advisor 613-990-0498
Rola Salem Senior Communications Advisor 613-998-7998
Susie Harder (2018) SIPA Officer 250-480-2743