Name Title Telephone Number
Chris Henderson Deputy Commissioner, Operations 613-998-1571
Constantine Zigoumis National Events 613-698-2612
Darshan Singh Force Generation, Manager 343-540-5303
Denis Sing (2018) Special Advisor - Canadian Coast Guard 613-949-2755
Estelle Rajotte Executive Assistant 613-998-1571
Jennifer van Gaal Administrative Assistant 613-990-0477
Joelle Pilon (2018) A/Senior Webmaster 613-301-0059
Karine Casaubon (2017) Management Services Coordinator 613-993-3035
Kathleen Olson Director, Events and Outreach, Canadian Coast Guard 613-998-5889
Marc Cooper (2018) Administrative Assistant 613-990-0477
Mario Pelletier Deputy Commissioner, Operations 613-998-1575
Mireille Khouri (2017) Manager, Internal Communication and Outreach 613-998-5889
Samantha Moonsammy Senior Advisor, Communications 613-216-3118
Sandra-Lee Wilson Administrative Assistant 613-949-9126
Susan Ganas Force Generation, Junior Project Officer 613-297-8003
Tara Lockhart Manager, Issues Management and Outreach 613-998-8429
Zahrah Hai Public Affairs and Events Analyst 613-715-4178