Director General, Integrated Business Management Services


Name Title Telephone Number
Bill Kroll (2017) Director General, Integrated Business Management Services 613-998-1440
Bill King Multimedia Officer 613-301-9094
Brendan Laframboise Analyst 343-551-4631
Chris Matthews A/Manager, Business Analysis and Costing 613-991-9169
Cloe Prieur A/Senior Advisor to the Deputy Commissioner, Operations 613-993-8198
David LaForge Senior Procurement Analyst 506-474-3174
David Martin Reporting Analyst 613-991-5191
Emilie St-Onge (2019) Staff Officer 613-998-1439
Erin Fox (2020) Material Management 613-993-8522
Gary Ivany Senior Director, Operational Support 613-990-0341
Geri Bloom Project Assistant 613-296-3137
Hayden Ord La gestion des incidents 250-480-2722
Jennifer Cadeau Risk and Project Change Analyst 613-240-6327
John Bertorelli Project Management Lead 613-991-0450
Kasandra Salembier Administrative Assistant Vessel Procurement 343-551-5089
Lisa McLoughlin (2019) Analyst 613-867-4037
Lisa Daigle Planning & Performance Officer 613-447-6546
Marie-Andrée Lapointe Administrative Assistant 613-998-1616
Marie-Christine Haubert Director General, Integrated Business Management Services 613-998-1440
Martin Beaupré Senior Advisor, Outreach 613-864-2343
Natalia Romas Analyst 613-462-1386
Nathalie Baillargeon A/Senior Advisor to the Director General, Integrated Technical Services 613-949-7462
Richard Landry Project Manager, Operational Support 613-791-8554
Samantha Tremblay Workforce Development Coordinator 343-542-6376
Shazia Khan (2020) Material Management 613-993-8522
Stephen Nelles Business Analyst, Fleet Inf. Mgt. System Integration 613-993-3064
Théo Gauthier Public Affairs Analyst 613-993-9516
Thierry Villeneuve Operational Requirements Analyst (IB & Arctic) 613-991-9451
Yasmine Clarke Project Manager, RAMSARD 613-851-8275