Electronics and Informatics


Name Title Telephone Number
Alain Gilbert Ship Board Personnel 613-993-2479
Alexandre Demers Programmer 819-420-2982
Amy Wong (2017) Programmer Analyst 613-462-8442
André Châteauvert Manager, Land side Electronics 613-612-6934
Andrew Szeto Engineer 613-991-6951
Andrew DeHaan Electronic Engineering Technologist 613-949-7465
Andrew McGregor (2017) Electronics and Informatics Asset Class Manager 613-991-0429
Andrew Ruan Programmer Analyst 613-606-7078
Anu Vashisht (2018) Senior Project Engineer 613-998-1496
Ashish Bector Engineering Supervisor, Integrated Technical Services 519-383-1928
Azra Gillissie Team Lead, Application Development 613-769-6335
Benoit Goderre Quality Assurance Specialist 613-404-3725
Benoit Guyon Project Manager, Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship (Canadian Coast Guard Variant) 613-998-1495
Bernard Vandal Ship Board Personnel 613-993-2479
Bo Li Programmer Analyst 613-302-9648
Brenda Ngo Enterprise Business Analyst 613-462-8442
Caroline Huot Senior Officer Special Project 613-796-8045
Céline Pageau Administrative Clerk 613-998-1606
Chris Burnie-Gardiner Team Leader, CCG IT Support 613-862-7287
Christine Yu Programmer/Analyst
Claire Lui Business Analyst 613-286-7306
Claude Comtois (2019) Team Lead 613-990-5619
Colin Kerr Programmer
Corry Vidotto Consultant
Craig Hayley (2017) System Engineer 613-991-5725
Cynthia Ortega Alarie Programmer Analyst 613-998-8740
Dan McLean Engineering Student 613-991-0189
Danny Brisson Programmer Analyst 613-295-4360
David Rolo Life Cycle Manager, Navigation 902-426-2512
David Worboys Consultant
Douglas James Hall (2019) Consultant
Eric Mallet Ship Board Personnel 613-993-2479
Etienne Sylvain (2019) Technical Support Officer
Fariborz Hashemian Project Manager 613-998-1505
Frank Lysyk Team Lead - Enterprise Solutions 343-549-3884
Garret Furlong (2020) Project Manager 613-993-3416
George El-Hage (2018) Project Manaer 613-998-1398
Georges El-Hage Project Manager 343-548-0405
Gilles Tremblay Ship Board Personnel 613-993-2479
Goderre Benoit (2017) Programmer 613-998-1777
Hidara Abdallah Programmer 613-406-0384
Irina Kim Quality Assurance Advisor 613-601-5932
Jaclyn Skaff (2019) Quality Assurance Advisor 613-222-3852
Jamie Brennan IT Security Advisor 613-716-7314
Jean Harvey (2016) Life Cycle Manager, Comms Systems 418-640-2907
Jean Delisle (2017) Manager, Land-based Electronic Systems 418-648-5434
Jeff Hawken Administrative Officer 613-990-3064
Jennifer Thiboutot Project Assistant 343-550-0042
Jessica Zhang (2018) Business Analyst 613-716-7618
Jimmy Lepage (2018) Programmer Analyst 613-998-1777
Jordan Aubin Programmer 613-296-1479
Joshua Crabbe Programmer Analyst 613-998-1505
Julia Ghadban Project Assistant 613-858-0343
Julia Murphy Director, Marine Engineering 613-897-8978
Julie Germain (2019) Team Lead, CCG Application Development and Support 613-286-7306
Julie-Anne O'Connor (2018) Operational Workforce Analyst 343-999-7501
Justin Hollick (2020) Programmer Analyst 613-854-4925
Justin Palmer Environmental Specialist 613-990-9898
Keenan Papps Senior Technologist Navigation 613-302-2018
Keith Pettinger Search and Rescue Program Officer
Lise Grenier Administrative Assistant 613-462-2513
Margarita Dolynna Programmer/Analyst
Marie-Josée Windover Project Manager 343-543-1859
Mark Osmond Business Analyst 613-858-0343
Martial Richard Engineer 902-426-1375
Martin Belair (2018) Enterprise System Analyst 613-619-4909
Martin Grégoire Project Engineer, Navigation 613-617-7915
Mathieu Kirouac (2019) Video Conference Coordinator
Matt O'Hara (2020) Programmer Analyst 613-779-0708
Mélanie Tasoulis Senior Analyst 613-991-0095
Michelle Corrigan National Manager, Vessels of Concern 613-991-1312
mike Chan Technical Advisor 613-853-2322
Minh Tieng Huynh (2019) Business Analyst 613-293-9610
Natacha Riendeau Manager Icebreaking National Program 613-868-2526
Neil Cassidy Consultant 613-991-0478
Nicholas O'Hara Technical Advisor 613-852-1959
Normand Sansfacon Ship Board Personnel 613-993-2479
Oleksandr Shepel Programmer Analyst
Pascal Raymond Programmer-Analyst 613-608-3038
Pat Liston (2018) Manager IT Projects 613-818-0164
Patricia Nguyen Analyst, Strategic Planning 343-543-3493
Patrick Marion Manager ? Application Development 613-608-3038
Patrick Tessier Programmer/Analyst
Patrick Kopec Programmer Analyst 613-697-5852
Paul Mouaikel Team Lead - Quality Assurance 613-998-1505
Paul Yoon Programmer
Paul Khairallah System Analyst 613-407-9943
Paul Khairaliah (2017) System Analyst 613-998-1777
Paul Chefurka (2018) Project Manager 613-998-1444
Peng Xu A/ Business Analyst 613-513-6500
Pierre Bérubé Technical Authority - Ship Electronic 581-998-8241
Pierre-Louys Hebert Ship Board Personnel 613-993-2479
Raymond Fung Project Engineer 613-762-7005
Réal Julien Technical Advisor, Application Services 613-949-7811
Robert Morin Ship Board Personnel 613-993-2479
Rod Pike Vessel Life Cycle Manager 613-993-3160
Shahbaz Khan (2018) Project Manager 613-697-3380
Shawn Legault Team Lead 343-997-4852
Son Le Programmer Analyst
Sonia Giamberardino Team Leader 613-991-5191