Integrated Logistic Support


Name Title Telephone Number
Allen Gignac (2018) Business Analyst 613-998-1612
Andrew Davey (2018) Engineer 613-790-3325
Arlene Key (2020) Desk Officer, Life Cycle Management 613-462-5064
Atif Suhail Project Manager 613-204-9935
Brenda Hilt AMS National Coordinator
Candace Elatiak Administrative Clerk 867-669-4902
Carol Gilliland Officer, Publication and Intranet Management 613-301-7517
Catherine Douglas Senior Analyst, Planning and Performance 613-998-8923
Chris Kauffman Planning and Special Project Officer
Christian Bertelsen Regional Director 867-446-3126
Cynthia Pelletier Planning and Performance Manager 613-793-0973
Dan-Tam Nguyen Intermediate Engineer 343-549-4628
Emmanuel Nkansah Technical/Project Officer, Technical Data
Eric Cuillierier Desk Officer, CMTDM
Eric Lecuillierier (2019) Desk Officer, CMTDM
Estelle Beer Project Officer 613-998-8405
George Guillemette Head, Publications and Intranet Management 613-618-0132
George Metelski (2017) Project Management Methodology 613-990-3111
Ginette Dion (2017) Information Specialist 613-998-1801
Jason Lemay Project Analyst 613-462-8865
Jeanette Angoo Inuit Learning and Development Program 519-383-1938
Jessica Newcombe Program Officer
John Riga Desk Officer, Condition Based Maintenance 902-401-9278
Joni Smith Senior Assistant/Proofreader 613-998-1800
Kevin King Configuration Management and Technical Data Management Officer
Krista Maclean Executive Assistant 867-669-4942
Linda Richards Project Assistant 613-794-9531
Mandar Avsare Senior Engineer 613-790-3325
Marcie Lavoie Asset Management System Desk Officer 613-240-0480
Margery Baetz Administrative Assistant 867-669-4945
Marie-Claude Robertson (2018) Analyst 613-618-2806
Marius Parent National Desk Officer, Configuration Management 613-462-6157
Martin David Technical Training Desk Officer 613-998-1776
Maxim Miron Capital Analyst 613-716-2716
Melanie Burns (2016) Publications Officer 613-998-1539
Mélanie Houle Manager, Planning & Performance 613-292-4334
Michael Ott Senior Policy/Economic Advisor 613-698-2078
Michael Orchard Manager, Supply Chain Management 613-762-3017
Natalie Tessier (2017) Administrative Assistant 613-990-5502
Nathalie Doucet Senior Analyst, Planning and Performance 613-355-2286
Nathan McGuire Material Identification Technician 902-403-5163
Neil O'Rourke Assistant Commissioner 867-446-3126
Paula Tremaine Senior Analyst 867-669-4937
Rashaad Bhamjee Manager, Corridors
Rebecca Cassidy Officer, Publications and Intranet Management 613-222-4609
René McMullen AMS National Coordinator 613-220-3976
Sonia Boisvert Project Manager 613-219-9835
Sophie Saumure Adminstrative Assisstant 343-549-5973
Stephen Mahoney Manager, Environmental Response Engineering 613-790-3325
Stewart Elliott (2019) Ships Cataloguer 902-426-9883
Tathy Muenkat Asset Management Systems Support
Tom Dicks Ships Cataloguer 902-426-6919
Val Hayes (2016) Capital Analyst 613-998-1612
Valerie Drover Materiel Identification Technician 902-426-5327
Vincent Bergeron Project Assistant 613-314-6219
Xiao Chu Liu Desk Officer, Supply Chain Management 613-793-6823
Yoland Simard A/Supervisor, Materiel Identification Center of Expertise (MICOE) 902-407-8140
Yvon Johnson Manager, Configuration Management and Technical Data Management 613-698-5449