Marine Engineering


Name Title Telephone Number
Anne Marie Sekerka Director of Maritime and Civil Infrastructure 613-998-1777
Anthony Beaupré-Jacques (2018) COOP ME Student 343-999-1836
Bill Armitage Chief Engineer
Brendan Moore Project Officer 613-219-2733
Bruce Cutler (2019) Project Manager ? Ship Construction and Modernization 613-404-9704
Carole Lefebvre (2019) Document Control Officer, Marine Engineering 343-999-1836
Chris Hawksworth (2017) Project Officer 519-383-1927
Christopher Dort Deputy Director, Medium Ice Breaker Project 902-222-1485
Clifford Harvey (2020) A/ Director Marine Engineering 613-998-1558
Colleen Mansfield-Joiner Project Assistant 613-762-3672
Darko Grujic Senior Engineer 819-576-2552
David Ashbourne Compliance Officer
David Moulton Marine Electrician/Electronic
David Chabot Propulsion and Auxiliary Systems, LCM 613-949-7510
David Wyse Marine Engineer 613-302-6053
David Wallace Senior Marine Electrical Technologist 902-789-6743
Denis Otis Desk Officer 613-998-1622
Duncan Seaman Class Manager, Vessels 613-991-0474
Edward Wright Marine Engineer 613-998-1797
Eric Dudley (2016) Project Manager 613-998-8164
Gael Therrien MIB Onsite Inspection Authority 418-572-4123
Isabelle Paquette Project Planning and Control Officer 613-614-2481
Jason Bourne Senior Vessel Maintenance manager 709-772-5434
Jean-François Dupuis Analyst ? Operational Workforce, Canadian Coast Guard 343-998-7192
Joanne Kane Technical Inspector Supervisor 902-426-8900
John Richardson Project Engineer 902-919-4154
Julie Myers Project Officer 343-551-7577
Kenneth Aker Project Manager 613-998-1514
Kieran Whalen-Hughes (2019) Project Naval Architect
Lawrence Parkinson Project Manager - Materials and Welding 613-462-8182
Leonard Ospina Desk Officer 613-402-5519
Lija Bickis National Asset Class Manager 613-204-9937
Lindsay Fyfe Senior Marine Engineering LCM 613-998-1652
Liviu Mariciuc Desk Officer 613-998-1559
Meghan Burford Junior Technical Investigation Vessel Survey Officer 613-402-5519
Natasa Kozarski Project Engineer, LCM 613-991-1956
Nicole Lejeune Document Control and Audit Coordination Officer 613-990-0000
Norm Trudeau Class Desk Officer 613-716-1254
Pearse Flynn Junior Engineer 519-802-9572
Rachel Chafe (2018) ME COOP Student 343-999-1836
Rikas Lebbe Project Officer 613-993-6412
Roger Doucett Project Manager 613-998-3508
Rosalind Venner Vessel Disposal Officer 613-965-3870
Ryan Braidwood Marine Engineering Officer 613-949-7506
Sandi Doy-Yat A/Administrative Assistant 613-993-8634
Shelley Boudreau Administrative Assistant 902-401-5499
Stephen Colp Special Project Officer 902-293-4566
Tarachand Satsangi Life Cycle Manager, (Propulsion) 613-993-6412
Tracey Clarke Senior Naval Architect 613-998-1509
Valerie Knapp Project Planning and Control Officer, SAR Stations Project 613-762-3421
Valerie Doucette (2019) Technical Writer 613-220-1810
Vincenzo DeAngelis Project Engineer 613-219-2733
Vitaliy Molokopoy Electrical Engineer 613-990-3044
Vladin Kozarski Naval Architecture Officer 613-993-1627
Yves Gascon National Asset Class Manager, Ships 613-617-9127