Office of The Chief Electoral Officer


Name Title Telephone Number
André Fecteau Policy Analyst 819-939-2014
Bryan Parker Complaints Management Framework 819-939-2018
Diane Lacelle Administrative Officer 819-939-2015
Erik Lairot Senior Project Manager, Accessibility 819-939-2016
Marc Mayrand Chief Electoral Officer 819-939-2020
Mathieu Madore Financial & Administrative Officer 819-939-2011
Olivia Dubasz Analyst 819-939-2126
Raymond Crête (!) Senior Human Resources Advisor to the CEO 819-939-2165
René Gervais Manager, Labour Relations 819-939-1579
Sanjay Aggarwal (!) Junior Project Officer 819-939-2011
Stéphane Perrault Graphic Design 819-939-2013
Sylvie Rochon Acting Executive Assistant 819-939-2017
Vivian Cousineau Chief Human Resources Officer 819-939-2012