Corporate Services, Finance & Administration, Director General's Office


Name Title Telephone Number
Ashley Milton (2019) Administrative Assistant 613-941-7919
Brendan Lawlor Manager 343-551-0419
Diana Jardine (2018) Executive Director 613-948-1178
Fatima Zahra Bidas Director Grants and Contributions
France Dion Senior Director F&A 343-571-6718
Greg Hall Director General, F&A 613-808-0156
Jennifer Weir (2018) Administrative Assistant 613-941-7512
Laura Danagher (2018) Strategic Advisor
Lynne Thompson (2021) Administrative Coordinator 613-941-7919
Magalie Lanois Administrative Coordinator 343-571-0847
Matt Hopkins Principal Advisor
Michel Villeneuve (2020) Senior Manager, Finance 613-948-1178
Michelle Baron Director General, Finance and Administration & Deputy Chief Financial Officer 343-551-5783
Mila Milankovic Analyst 343-551-4300