Indigenous Services Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Adam Rahmi Health Benefit Analyst 613-952-0935
Adele Gazayou Referral Clerk 204-337-2161
Aeron Arpin Johnson Not Specified 506-753-3487
Alexandria Dawson (!) Office Clerk 204-984-0090
Alexis D'or (!) Not Specified / Not Specified 780-659-3636
Alyssa Ahenakew
Amy Douglas (!) Miss 204-553-2271
Anahita Sadeghian (!)
Andrew Beaudin Not Specified 204-983-3172
Angele Dumont Not Specified 613-954-1745
Anita Hudson Not Specified 204-791-4705
Anne Beck (!) Not Specified 807-535-1189
Any Lopez
Ashley Milks
Ashley Buswell
Athena Garrioch
Betel Nigatu
Beverley Thompson Director, Health Professionals 306-564-9144
Branka Tegeltija Program Support Administrative 613-462-5534
Caitlin Kerr First Nations and Inuit Health 204-984-0484
Cameron Burden (!)
Candace Widmeyer Administrative Assistant 807-737-5820
Caroline V Bell Not Specified 204-984-1526
Catherine Felix Housekeeper 204-359-8201
Catherine Tegumiar Not Specified 204-462-2608
Cecile Normand Supervisor, Information Records 613-867-2684
Chantale Chisholm Policy Analyst 613-240-4676
Charaki Leflar Administrative Assistant 306-564-9121
Charlotte Steele Not Specified 204-335-2557
Chloe Healy Nurse Consultant 000-000-0000
Christelle Mulumba Dental Analyst 613-952-7692
Christine Shiplack Audit Review Officer 306-332-8500
Christine Butler
Clara Castel DOTT Worker Travailleuse DOTT 204-676-2011
Claudia Lemoyne Dental advisor 613-941-6254
Claudia Brown Policy Analyst 613-447-0137
Comfort Airuehia Senior Program Officer, Mental 780-495-2681
Connie Barrowclough (!) Librarian 613-410-8579
Cyndie Stanley Medical Transportation Referral 780-495-2708
Danelle Besaw Not Specified 204-337-2161
Dean Weenie Senior Program Officer 306-564-9270
Deana Cayer Executive Assistant 204-983-5343
Deborah Spanier
Denise Martin CHN 204-341-2325
Dennis Wardman Director,Health Promotion and P 604-666-4382
Derek St Arnault
Diane Sabourin
Dion Blesse (!) Security Officer 780-659-3636
Dionne O'Ree
Dominique Poulin Manager, Drinking Water Program 343-548-1778