Name Title Telephone Number
Brianna Kerwin Receptionist 819-953-3682
Christina Dallaire (!) Administrative Assistant 819-953-5577
Claudette Simoneau (!) Receptionist 819-953-3682
Colette Winch Executive Assistant 819-953-5575
Gerard Wetzel (!) Policy Officer 819-997-5080
Julie McCann Sr Policy Officer
Kerry Boyce Program Officer 819-934-0567
Lisa Khouri Chief of Staff 819-953-5580
Lynda Clairmont Sr Assistant Deputy Minister 819-953-5574
Marie Moussignac Correpondence Assistant 819-997-9272
Sandra Seto Administrative Assistant 819-953-5577
Sarah Musclow Student
Sophie Hunter-Racicot Sr Policy and Program Analyst 819-953-5575
Sylvia Tassé Correspondence Coordinator 819-997-4997